Movin’ On Up

I am moving my life into storage. It is less than fun. I lived in this condo for 9 years and it is time to move on but I will miss it. I am documenting it before I completely destroy the place and take everything down and pack it way in an army of brown U-haul boxes.

Today I am showing you the living room, because it was the cleanest:

Mid Century Living Room

The couch was from my great grandfather’s furniture company, Jamestown Sterling. I don’t know what the original fabric was but my mom had it recovered in the 70’s with a very loud brown plaid and we had it recovered in black. The seat cushions have springs in them and your butt HURTS after a while but it wouldn’t have that crisp modern look without them. BEAUTY IS PAIN friends. Always remember that.

Details Mid Century Living Room

The little side table came from a thrift store for CHEAP – but I need to refinish it. It’s also missing a knob which I am on the hunt for (casually).  The clock was my grandmothers. She gave it to me when I was in high school and said it lived on their mantle. It’s a noisy little bugger.

Starburst Clock

I got this bad boy off eBay. It was converted from an electrical clock to a battery operated one. It works for about 40 mins and stops. I wonder if this is fixable. Looks good though, right?

Now back to packing – anyone need some note cards?  For some reason I found 4 boxes.

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