You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About You – Vol 4

It is time for another episode of You’re So Vain! Weeeee!! Today we have a lovely tune from The Mills Brothers called “Paper Doll”

I guess I had a million dolls or more

I guess I’ve played the doll game o’er and o’er

I just quarreled with Sue, that’s why I’m blue

She’s gone away and left me just like all dolls do

If you are unfamiliar with this group than you are missing out. Go get a greatest hits collection IMMEDIATELY, don’t make me smack you.

This video made ME want a paper doll of my own, mostly because I could always use more friends and as an extremely short person I would find it amusing to be a GIANT and supreme being over my paper doll minions. (also go watch Time Bandits now that I think about it – cause SUPREME BEING). I found some amazing paper doll resources online to get your own to:

Paper Doll Review 

Lots of vintage and reproduction paper dolls – I will FIGHT you for this Carol Channing paper doll set! Go There! Buy Stuff!

The Paper Doll Collector – Blog – There are some very cool vintage and handmade paper dolls on this blog. I can already see another hobby I do not need forming. DANGER

Betsy McCall – Paper Dolls

Betsy McCall first appeared on the pages of McCall’s Magazine in 1951. Her adventures (and outfits) appeared monthly to the delight of little girls everywhere. Who doesn’t love taking a pair of scissors to mom’s favorite magazine?


Truer Words Were Never Spoken - Get The Fuck Out Of My House

THIS MEANS YOU. - Get The Fuck Out Of My House

*contact me if any interested in finished piece. Pattern for sale coming soon, email me for details if you would be into that sort of thing