Pintester Movement – Image Transfers

Hi Friends!

Pintester Movement

Pintester Movement

Today I am doing a crafty post to join in the Pintester Movement brought to you by the HILARIOUS blog – Pintester!

I am going to attempt to do a photo transfer on paper from a Pin that led me back to jezzicasprojects

Easy way to transfer a photo to canvas!

Her sample:

Photo Transfer

Photo Transfer

You will need:

1. Binder Pen (Xylene Pen)

2. Paper (card stock)

3. Toner Copy of photo or text (NOT ink jet) – I used one of my own black and white photos –

4. Tape

Binder Pen

Binder Pen



I gum up the tape a bit so it doesn’t ruin the paper but still keeps the photo in place.

Tape Image

Tape Image

Start going over the back of the image with the clear blender marker. This think STINKS. In a good way – Like gasoline or those old metal permanent markers. Don’t do this inside with the windows closed. I started indoors and the room started to spin! GO OUTSIDE!! GET SOME AIR!

I am getting DIZZY…..

After going over the back 4 or 5 times gently life the image and let it dry a bit.

Bittersweet Susie | Image Transfer | Pintester Movement

Bittersweet Susie | Image Transfer | Pintester Movement

Did I nail it? Ehhhhhh. It’s ok. It was a semi FUSSY project for not an awesome result in my opinion. There are easier ways to get a picture on a card, like PRINTING it on there. Oh, and the tape totally ripped the paper. My image might not have had enough contrast or maybe the card I used was too rough. The high was a pro and con. The smell was a pleasant flashback to highschool art class but I am pretty sure I will miss those brain cells.

Thanks for joining me and CRAFT ALL THE THINGS !

I need to lay down.


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