Happy Friday – Let’s Prancercise

Hi again FRIENDS!

I hope you have survived this short week in one piece. It seemed like the LONGEST week ever but WE ARE ALMOST THERE. You made it – I am so proud of you.

I just wanted to pop in to give you a little treat to start your weekend of RIGHT:

Have you all heard of Prancercise?!?

NO? Well, It’s the new exercise craze that is just sweeping the nation.

Cate Prancercise

Cate Prancercise

Here is my badass friend Cate who works at Livestrong showing us How. It. Is. Done.

It makes me want to talk like Fluttershy and strut like a PONY. Happy friday PRETTIES!

Here is the Original video:


5 thoughts on “Happy Friday – Let’s Prancercise

  1. Hilarious! I had heard the word but not looked into it. So I am watching the youtube video without sound and at 3:03 and after I am singing I believe I can fly in my head. Now I should get a colleague to prancercise through the office hallways.


    • YESSS! Join the Revolution! Wouldn’t it be great to see everyone in your office Prancer-dancing down the halls? It IS casual friday after all. I think my personal soundtrack would be Brick House 😉


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