Pinterest – The Time Suck of DOOM

Pinterest – Look at all your pretty little pictures scrolling by. Oh I want to make that one, and cook that one, and oh that is totally nifty.  I used to actually MAKE projects, think of weird things on my own. My friend Amy almost always got the first of each great new idea I had decided I was going to make everyone (and the last because usually it was too hard or time consuming to ever make two). Now I spend too much time looking at other’s projects, pinning, hopin’, wishin’, prayin’, that I will someday MAKE.

Here is a little sample of items from my CRAFTY board that I have wanted to make (but prob never will)

DIY: 50s Style Bowtie Headband

This is adorable. This requires me to get out my sewing machine, and to CUT fabric. NEXT.

Citrus Coasters

Oh many – look at the pretty colors. Look at ALL THE FUCKING shapes you have to cut out of felt, and then STITCH on. NOPE. You know as soon as I cut those little bastards out one sneeze and they are LOST FOREVER.

The Boxy Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

I am OBSESSED with box pouches. I am obsessed with containers and purses in GENERAL. Everything has its OWN little place, so much so that I forget where I put things and spend all my days looking for that ONE THING I NEED RIGHT NOW THANKS. I have an unhealthy fear of sewing zippers though. This ain’t happening. I still want, someone want to volunteer?

DIY Burt’s Bees Style Lip Balm Recipe

So I can MAKE my own Lip Balm? And it’s super cheap?? That sounds super awesome!?! I buy five a week looking for the holy grail of Lip Balm/Chap Sticks/Lip Gloss but have not yet found it. This would solve ALL my problems. This would make great gifts. This looks like a fucking MESS to clean up.

I still want to make all these things! They are so so lovely. Heck I want to make all THE things. Never say NEVER. You will be the first to know if HELL freezes over – and I will provide PHOTOS!

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8 thoughts on “Pinterest – The Time Suck of DOOM

  1. You are so funny. I like your post. My ideas are almost the same. I will look for you on Pinterest. I am trying to be crafty with two projects in the works. Wish me luck. Good luck to you!


  2. My sister does at least one thing from Pinterest EVERY DAY in the summer and posts it on fb. This is her second summer doing it. EVERY.DAY.


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