You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About You – Vol 7

Hello Everyone? Are you having a good week? I could sure use a cookie or something.

I hope this round of You’re So Vain is just as sweet – or at the very least mildly entertaining. I will even settle for the fact that a couple of you read it at all. My expectations are low. It’s a tip for life: Keep expectations low – then you are always pleasantly surprised!

Bittersweet Susie | Claudine Clark

Our little ditty comes from Claudine Clark

“Party Lights” 1962

Lady Mama dear, a tell me, do you hear

Their partying tonight?

I tell you, I can’t sleep

Because across the street

oh oh oh oh I see the party lights.


I see the lights, I see the party lights

They’re red and blue and green.

Oh everybody in the crowd is there

But you won’t let me make the scene.

Oh, Mama dear, a looka here look here,

There goes Mary Lou.

I see Tommy and Joe oh oh and Betty and Sue

Oh oh oh oh – there goes my boyfriend, too.

I see the lights I see the lights…

So let me get this straight, either Claudine was grounded OR her mom is terrible strict! Which do you think? Bad girl, terrible mother??

Betty and Sue are there – ‘Cause DUH – and her boyfriend went without her – SOME BOYFRIEND – I heard girls named Betty are totally skanks so watch out for that one Claudine.

Claudine may be considered a one hit wonder – but WHAT A HIT. She also performed and continued to compose under an alias of Joy Dawn – Was this inspired from two of her favorite dishwash liquids? I DON’T KNOW.

Everything I have read says her follow up “Walking Through a Cemetery” was a commercial failure. This song is beyond! We have a million craptacular Christmas songs and so very few Halloween ones – let alone one you can DANCE too…

I am totally making you guys a Halloween mix this year! Pumpkin PARTY

I did listen to the few songs of hers I could find and it is some GOOD SHIT people. One hit WONDER my foot. I think we should get the word out about her kick-assness (totally a word) Make her known again. Go buy her record. Scrounge those dollar bins and 45s! Put her up on your FB page cause your friends totally need to know you have underground taste and knew about her before she was cool. Tweet her face off. Do it already.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger.

Leave me your best stories of some time your mom or dad made you miss the party of the year? I am sure you were totally innocent. I believe you.

Film Love

My heart belongs to film.

Here are a few shots I took at my cousin’s wedding in Topanga Canyon, CA.

Expired Kodak Potra 160 VC – Yashica 124

Susie Delaney Photography - Expired Kodak 160 VC - Yashica 124


Susie Delaney Photography - Expired Kodak 160 VC - Yashica 124


Susie Delaney Photography - Expired Kodak 160 VC - Yashica 124

Under Cover – The Art of the Cover Song

I have a love hate relationship with Cover Songs. I think I might just be a love hate type of person. I am not really into GREY areas. Back to Cover Songs – why would you want to mess with the original. But sometimes (rarely) the cover is AWESOME! It makes you love the original more. It is even possible that it makes you feel something that you didn’t notice the first time.

I salute you awesome cover songs. Your are few and far between.

*no Leonard Cohen Covers will be allowed on this list EVER – AMEN!*

Here are a selection of Cover Songs that are rad and count in this I know it’s not the original but it is still awesome category.

NIN – Hurt COVER: Johnny Cash

Nothing Compares 2 U – Written by Prince – Made popular by Sinead O’Connor – COVER by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes


All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan    COVER – Jimi Hendrix

(There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me – Dionne Warwick – COVER Naked Eyes

Not all cover songs are created equal. There are some that bring SHAME down upon the original. They make my ears bleed and make me stabby. ENJOY!

California Girls – Beach Boys – TERRIBLE COVER by David Lee Roth

Lady Marmalade – Patti LaBelle TERRIBLE COVER – The one from that Movie

Are you even kidding me with this one. Watch the original WATCH IT.


I Love Rock and Roll – The Arrows – THEN covered by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts  (awesome sauce) –     TERRIBLE COVER Britney Spears.

It’s Britney, bitch.

How do you feel about cover songs? Which are your favorites? Do you have any that make you want to stick forks in your ears?

Let me know in the comments below!

Photography Adventures – Miss Ruby

Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby – Studio Session

Hey Friends – Big welcome to all my new friends – GROUP HUG! (Feeling mushy, it will pass)

I’ve wanted to post some projects that I have been working on. I have been very motivated to get back to photography and other more creative pursuits recently. I would like to say that I have this BURNING desire to create ART but that sounds like a bunch of hippie bullshit to me. Usually things (for me anyways) are more complicated and never so pure of heart. Life is not frolicking in a damn flowered field with unicorn farts perfuming the air, though that sounds delightful.

I have been getting back into photography after taking a break for a while. I have a non-photography driven day job (constant paycheck and health insurance! WOOT) being burnt out on photo school, and what I like to call the digital revolution driven by asshats that all led to this particular burnout. I finally snapped. Seeing so many people out there saying Photos by “some dipshit with a camera set to auto that I have no idea how to use but I own it now therefore I am a PHOTOGRAPHER” will really light a fire under a person’s ass. People. No one wants to see your craptacular photos of your mediocre looking friends and family. I promise you. For reals. STOP IT. When I was at Photo school we were taught if you had one or two great shots on a roll you were ahead of the game. If it has a ringtone you are NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. Don’t ruin someone’s wedding to fulfill your dreams. Facebook galleries with 300 photos from a 2-hour party? Christ on a cracker, I am here for an intervention. Let’s stop the madness. Please and thank you. Ah, ranting feels great once in a while. Cleansing. I rant all the time but who’s counting?

I had forgotten how important it was to have a passion/hobby. It makes going to a soul crushing day job slightly (slightly) more tolerable. Friends – everyone needs to do this, not photography though – because there are a great many out there that are utter crap at it (and a few that are amazing. High five and I love you/hate you) Find something you are good it. Fill the world with beauty. Maybe its bubble gum sculptures or really fancy fancy paper airplanes. Perhaps you need to write a blog about every chocolate chip cookie recipe there ever was. Find that thing. I for sure know what I am bad at. To quote one of my favorite Russell Hoban poems “I know how to not do things.” I cannot sing, I am messy, doing dishes makes me cry, folding laundry, shut up, sports – and this is just the short list. And if you abso-fucking-lutly hunka hunka burning with desire to take photos then super. Take your head out of your butt and take a class. This is an f/stop. This is your shutter speed. This has been a public service announcement from your friend Susie!

I have sought out some talented friends of mine to set up some shoots, and so far it has just been so much fun. I feel that these lovely ladies have found their way with what they are good at, what they are supposed to be doing. They are all kicking ass and taking names and I am positive that their talents go on into other facets of life. I want to be like them when I grow up. It is truly inspiring and all that cheesy shit. It pushes me to keep doing what I am doing – FER REALS. I have not been this excited about being behind a camera in years. Lets do this; Let’s take over the WORLD already?

Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby - Griffith Observatory

Miss Ruby – Griffith Observatory

Father’s day Miss Ruby and I had our first (of many – I hope) photo shoots together. I cannot remember having so much fun. My sides and face hurt from laughing and smiling so hard. You guys KNOW I don’t care for smiling.

For the 5 of you who do not know who Miss Ruby is  – She is a Retro & Pinup Hair Stylist – Makeup Artist – Model – Badass

Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby

Hey Girl Hey

Go find her Facebook here – Be a fan –  Instagram @missrockabillyruby

Keep an eye open for her retro styling classes. SHE TEACHES PEOPLE TO BE FABULOUS. You know I would keep those skills to myself.

Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby - Griffith Observatory

Do you see the moon up there?

She is such a pro. There are not stop interruptions of people wanting to take pictures of her and she is kind and patient with each and every one of them, a saint in fact. I, however, am a pit bull when I am shooting. If you see me or anyone else working on a shoot out there in the great big world DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT interrupt them to take a damn IPhone picture. Don’t shoot them without permission, and just because you have a DLSR does not mean you can come do your own little personal shoot OVER MY SHOULDER. Yes this happened for reals. More than once. Next time I am bringing a bat when I shoot.

Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby - Griffith Observatory

NicCoCo Creations Hair Flowers

Now for the wonderful hair flower…Isn’t it to DIE FOR??  It was custom made for our shoot by NicCoCo Creations.


It is amazing and it made the shoot. It really did. She has been so fun to correspond with and made the most AMAZING piece for the second shoot that Ruby and I did (coming soon) I am lurking in her esty shop for birthday gifts for my friends and stuff for myself. She does custom orders and has some really cool ready-made pieces. She is also a Pin Up Dream and I am going to do my best to convince her to let me do a photo session with her someday – what do you say Nicolle?

Go find her – Give her some love

NicCoCo Creations Etsy Page 

 NicCoCo Creations Facebook

NicCoCO Creations Instagram – @niccococreations

Wow – I am a huge windbag when I am talking about my own work. WHAT A BORE.

What are your passions/hobbies? What do you want to get good at? What are you BAD at? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear all about YOU! (It is the LEAST I could do after running my mouth)

See you soon friends. I miss you already.

 Susie Delaney Photography - Miss Ruby - Griffith Observatory

Pintester Movement – Leave Room for Jesus

Hi Friends! Thanks for joining me for the 2nd edition of the Pintester Movement! I hope you liked the first round and I hope you shot on over to Sonja’s to check out the other participants and all around hilarity.

Pintester Movement

This challenge we had to choose a pin that she has already tested on the Pintester site. There were so many to choose from but I had a few criteria that I wanted for this challenge: it had to be snacks and it had to be EASY.

Now I am an avid baker and a firm believer in baking everything from scratch, but have you ever tried photograph each baking step with your fancy pants camera when you have butter and sugar on your hands? It’s the worst idea EVER. I do not know how food bloggers do it. They must force their children into being child photo laborers. I know that’s what I would do.

So for my challenge I chose

Resurrection Rolls!

Somebody's Hungry - For CHRIST!

Somebody’s Hungry – For CHRIST!

Here is the version on the Pintester site.

Here is the original site with the recipe

I collect thrift store Jesus paintings and other such awesomeness (if anyone has a Velvet Jesus painting send it my way) so any way to get a little CHEESY JESUS into our lives – BRING IT!

I went to Catholic school for 12 years and this stuff cracks me up. I don’t think you could ever convince a Catholic school kid that any of this was a good idea. It was way more fire and brimstone and SIN and GUILT and way less tasty snacks. Maybe if they use red food coloring to symbolize Jesus’ blood to make it more authentic? Oh the possibilities.

Baking along to tell the story of Jesus getting put in a Tomb after he kicked the bucket? Sign me up! Baking with 2 ingredients I buy and don’t have to make? Double Sold!

I was listening to this little tune while doing this project. I feel it just WORKS

Let’s get STARTED

You will need:

  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Melted Butter (I only needed 1 Tablespoon)
  • Small bowl of cinnamon and sugar for dipping Marshmallows


Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

The Marshmallows stand for JESUS in this here recipe – Howdy Jesus! You are delish and I will use the rest of you to make some unholy Rice Krispies.


You know the most frightening and thrilling part of this whole process was opening that canister. I was met with a lackluster thud for this round.

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you roll your Jesus Marshmallow in the melted butter – this is supposed to be the oils they put on his body or something when he died. I forget the specifics of that chapter. I used to think why waste the spendy oils on a dead guy, but maybe it would help with the STINK that was soon to follow. Hmmm, Still Hungry? Me TOO!

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you roll Jesus in Cinnamon and Sugar! I don’t know what the religious meaning is here – so he tastes GREAT!

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you wrap Jesus in the HOLY CRESCENT roll. As you can see there are going to be problems. I did not adequately wrap the Jesus marshmallow in the tomb thing which means explosions. I was a little rough with the crescent rolls and ripped a few. One was completely beyond repair so I was forced to eat that one raw. FORCED.

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Jesus! Oh the Humanity!

Ok you guys, these were freaking AMAZING! Right out of the oven they were so freaking tasty. WOAH. My mother and I pretty much polished off the entire batch, in 5 minutes. If Communion was this good I would be the FATTEST kid in church. I would have gone back for seconds. AMEN. We decided to leave a couple for the next day, for science. Mostly because our stomachs hurt from eating them ALL. Maybe the Lord was punishing us. Gluttony is still a thing, right? The next day they were chewy and stale. Not as wondrous and delicious as right out of the oven. Jesus must be consumed right away. Remind me to tell you about that time I stuck the Eucharist under the pew so I didn’t have to eat it- that shit is GROSS.

jesus baking

Thanks for joining me friends! See you next time!

Let’s Dance On – Summer Mix Vol 2

Hi Friends! How are you? You look thin!

It is summertime and you know what that means – beach, flip flops, BBQs, tans…

Or for most of us working stiffs in means sitting in a no window too cold dark office.


I also made one of these beauties last year and I kind of blew my wad with the whole summer theme on that one. This one is more of a complete ride to get you through those summer months. Booze, adventures, possible make outs, fights, dance parties. TOTALLY NORMAL for someone in their 30s, moving on.

Bittersweet Susie | Summer Mix Vol 2

Bittersweet Susie – Summer 2013 (click the link to spotify if the player is not working for you)

  1. Floyd Dixon – Hey Bartender
  2. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
  3. Paul Simon – Kodachrome
  4. Fruit Bats – Seaweed
  5. Sarah Vaughn – Make Yourself Comfortable
  6. The Rosebuds – Make Out Song
  7. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys – Everybody Does It in Hawaii
  8. George Jones – Too Much Water
  9. The Essexx – Easier Said Than Done
  10. Louis Jordan – Run Joe
  11. Neil Diamond – Cherry Cherry
  12. The Young Rascals – Groovin’
  13. Nick Waterhouse – Say I Wanna Know
  14. The Dodos – Don’t Try and Hide It
  15. Johnathan Rice – We’re All Stuck Out in The Desert
  16. Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town
  17. Dino, Desi & Billy – So Many Ways
  18. Van Morrison – Domino
  19. The Kinx – Sunny Afternoon
  20. The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City
  21. Gene Simmons – Hula Bop
  22. Sam Cooke – Lonely Island
  23. The Diamonds – Cool Cool Baby
  24. Carl Perkins – Friday Night
  25. Blanche Thomas – You Ain’t So Such a Much
  26. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr – Nothing But Our Love
  27. Band Of Horses – Dilly

So get out there, pour yourself a cocktail, have a living room dance party in a mumu! You are WILD!

Put your fave summer jams in the comments section – I will probably judge you for them.