Pintester Movement – Leave Room for Jesus

Hi Friends! Thanks for joining me for the 2nd edition of the Pintester Movement! I hope you liked the first round and I hope you shot on over to Sonja’s to check out the other participants and all around hilarity.

Pintester Movement

This challenge we had to choose a pin that she has already tested on the Pintester site. There were so many to choose from but I had a few criteria that I wanted for this challenge: it had to be snacks and it had to be EASY.

Now I am an avid baker and a firm believer in baking everything from scratch, but have you ever tried photograph each baking step with your fancy pants camera when you have butter and sugar on your hands? It’s the worst idea EVER. I do not know how food bloggers do it. They must force their children into being child photo laborers. I know that’s what I would do.

So for my challenge I chose

Resurrection Rolls!

Somebody's Hungry - For CHRIST!

Somebody’s Hungry – For CHRIST!

Here is the version on the Pintester site.

Here is the original site with the recipe

I collect thrift store Jesus paintings and other such awesomeness (if anyone has a Velvet Jesus painting send it my way) so any way to get a little CHEESY JESUS into our lives – BRING IT!

I went to Catholic school for 12 years and this stuff cracks me up. I don’t think you could ever convince a Catholic school kid that any of this was a good idea. It was way more fire and brimstone and SIN and GUILT and way less tasty snacks. Maybe if they use red food coloring to symbolize Jesus’ blood to make it more authentic? Oh the possibilities.

Baking along to tell the story of Jesus getting put in a Tomb after he kicked the bucket? Sign me up! Baking with 2 ingredients I buy and don’t have to make? Double Sold!

I was listening to this little tune while doing this project. I feel it just WORKS

Let’s get STARTED

You will need:

  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Melted Butter (I only needed 1 Tablespoon)
  • Small bowl of cinnamon and sugar for dipping Marshmallows


Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

The Marshmallows stand for JESUS in this here recipe – Howdy Jesus! You are delish and I will use the rest of you to make some unholy Rice Krispies.


You know the most frightening and thrilling part of this whole process was opening that canister. I was met with a lackluster thud for this round.

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you roll your Jesus Marshmallow in the melted butter – this is supposed to be the oils they put on his body or something when he died. I forget the specifics of that chapter. I used to think why waste the spendy oils on a dead guy, but maybe it would help with the STINK that was soon to follow. Hmmm, Still Hungry? Me TOO!

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you roll Jesus in Cinnamon and Sugar! I don’t know what the religious meaning is here – so he tastes GREAT!

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Then you wrap Jesus in the HOLY CRESCENT roll. As you can see there are going to be problems. I did not adequately wrap the Jesus marshmallow in the tomb thing which means explosions. I was a little rough with the crescent rolls and ripped a few. One was completely beyond repair so I was forced to eat that one raw. FORCED.

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Pintester Movement | Resurrection Rolls | Bittersweet Susie

Jesus! Oh the Humanity!

Ok you guys, these were freaking AMAZING! Right out of the oven they were so freaking tasty. WOAH. My mother and I pretty much polished off the entire batch, in 5 minutes. If Communion was this good I would be the FATTEST kid in church. I would have gone back for seconds. AMEN. We decided to leave a couple for the next day, for science. Mostly because our stomachs hurt from eating them ALL. Maybe the Lord was punishing us. Gluttony is still a thing, right? The next day they were chewy and stale. Not as wondrous and delicious as right out of the oven. Jesus must be consumed right away. Remind me to tell you about that time I stuck the Eucharist under the pew so I didn’t have to eat it- that shit is GROSS.

jesus baking

Thanks for joining me friends! See you next time!

34 thoughts on “Pintester Movement – Leave Room for Jesus

  1. I kind of wish I didn’t read this at work, because I’m making a spectacle of myself–LOVE IT! Would it be in bad taste to make these for a Sunday School class? Or extremely pious? Hmm…the pendulum swings both ways.

    Excellent and hilarious job! Kudos to you, fellow tester of pins πŸ™‚


  2. Hahaha! Awesome, I loved the humor in this πŸ™‚ Jesus is such a funny guy. I’m not big on faith but it all does fascinate me. You should blog about your Jesus painting collection.

    Also these rolls look incredible, but the “magic” of how Jesus disappears seems to seep out everywhere… maybe poking some fork holes into the dough would help next time?

    My pin was a total fail, the results weren’t even tasty 😦


    • Thanks for stopping by!! I need to go look at everyone’s pins. Yea its weird how jesus just oozes. He is a bitch like that. Maybe frosting or frozen butter would be better for a real disappearing act. I will try these again im sure, drunk and looking for SNACKS.


  3. I made these for a group of friends around Easter time. One of them said “Oh, it is supposed to be Jesus because marshmallows rise,” or something like that.


  4. These look delicious. In other news, we took my daughter to the doctor the other day and she told him that she’s not allergic to anything but she HATES marshmallows. How is that possible? I should tell her that means she hates JESUS, but then that would be questionable parenting.


    • Sounds like EXCELLENT parenting. You can be sneaky and make rice krispie treats and then laugh and tell her what’s in it. My mom would pull something like that. If that doesn’t work then yes – say she DOESN’T LOVE JESUS πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by!


  5. As a terrible catholic girl myself, you made me laugh so fucking hard I cried. That was awesome! I woke up my cat, dog AND my boyfriend. LOVE it.

    I sort of thought about this but forgot it was marshmallows used and wasn’t going to look it up and remembered watching some show on the cooking channel around Mardi Gras and they actually stuck plastic babies in the King Cake that sans babies actually looks yum. So i skipped this pin, because plastic in the oven melts and doesn’t smell good. Like, at all. Marshmallows definitely smell better, and won’t break my teeth should I eat one. WTG!


    • Hi! Yes – I have always been curious about those plastic babies in cakes. I would like to bake one in a regular cake just for laughs one time – or maybe a plastic donkey! Put them in cupcakes so EVERYONE can join the fun! But you gave me an idea- half melt them first – DEFORMED BABY. It will be all the rage at the next baby shower I am forced to attend. Thanks so
      much for the comment!


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  7. mmm… Sacrilicious. Here I was thinking for all these years that I was supposed to believe Jesus ascended to heaven, when he really just melted and oozed out of his shroud. This all makes a lot more sense. Maybe I’ll go back to Catholicism now. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Cinnamon Coating, Amen.


  8. OMG I was ON THE FLOOR!!!! 13 YEARS of catholic school here and I still get a facial tick when I hear the gentle clink of what could be rosary beads…..I was CACKLING in a most unattractive way while reading this to my southern baptist hubby (he’ll NEVER get it)….send this link to all my ‘reformed’ catholic friends….you ROCK….best fucking laugh of the week and I keep things light….the cartoon rocked my world!!!! LMFAO!!!!


    • 13 years?!? Holy Shit! LITERALLY! I had 12 – one GLORIOUS year of public school for Kinder and I am told I went to a Jewish Preschool – BY CHOICE – wtf. OY VEY. Thanks for stoping by and thanks for high fiving me with your holiest of spirits. Remind me to share the story about being PUNISHED have having to say the whole rosary.


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  10. I had no idea this was even a thing. I googled “resurrection rolls” and discovered that there are people out there who can somehow manage to make these with their serious faces on. I wouldn’t be able to manage it! Of course, some belief in God would probably help me out there. No such luck.

    P.S. Your blog is so much fun!


    • Right? These people are FOR SERIOUS!!! I went to Catholic School for 12 years, along with one year of Jewish preschool (i begged to go – my non religious progressive mother thought it was HILARIOUS) and one GLORIOUS kinder year of public school and FREE DRESS. These years have taught me that – there is no god but everyone loves a good Jesus joke. No disrespect to the believers out there. Also – Catholic mass is an EXCELLENT cardio workout! THANKS for the love!


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