You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About You – Vol 7

Hello Everyone? Are you having a good week? I could sure use a cookie or something.

I hope this round of You’re So Vain is just as sweet – or at the very least mildly entertaining. I will even settle for the fact that a couple of you read it at all. My expectations are low. It’s a tip for life: Keep expectations low – then you are always pleasantly surprised!

Bittersweet Susie | Claudine Clark

Our little ditty comes from Claudine Clark

“Party Lights” 1962

Lady Mama dear, a tell me, do you hear

Their partying tonight?

I tell you, I can’t sleep

Because across the street

oh oh oh oh I see the party lights.


I see the lights, I see the party lights

They’re red and blue and green.

Oh everybody in the crowd is there

But you won’t let me make the scene.

Oh, Mama dear, a looka here look here,

There goes Mary Lou.

I see Tommy and Joe oh oh and Betty and Sue

Oh oh oh oh – there goes my boyfriend, too.

I see the lights I see the lights…

So let me get this straight, either Claudine was grounded OR her mom is terrible strict! Which do you think? Bad girl, terrible mother??

Betty and Sue are there – ‘Cause DUH – and her boyfriend went without her – SOME BOYFRIEND – I heard girls named Betty are totally skanks so watch out for that one Claudine.

Claudine may be considered a one hit wonder – but WHAT A HIT. She also performed and continued to compose under an alias of Joy Dawn – Was this inspired from two of her favorite dishwash liquids? I DON’T KNOW.

Everything I have read says her follow up “Walking Through a Cemetery” was a commercial failure. This song is beyond! We have a million craptacular Christmas songs and so very few Halloween ones – let alone one you can DANCE too…

I am totally making you guys a Halloween mix this year! Pumpkin PARTY

I did listen to the few songs of hers I could find and it is some GOOD SHIT people. One hit WONDER my foot. I think we should get the word out about her kick-assness (totally a word) Make her known again. Go buy her record. Scrounge those dollar bins and 45s! Put her up on your FB page cause your friends totally need to know you have underground taste and knew about her before she was cool. Tweet her face off. Do it already.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger.

Leave me your best stories of some time your mom or dad made you miss the party of the year? I am sure you were totally innocent. I believe you.


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