The Rory Gilmore Book Club

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie
Hi Friends! You look nice today, well rested.

My friend Cate, yes THAT CATE, pointed me to the most radical blog the other day. They are going through the entire Rory Gilmore reading list. The ENTIRE list.  I think they are on book 6 or 7 out of 339, which is cray.  I wonder if they will crap out around #74. Anyone care to take a little wager with me on that?

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

For those unfortunate souls out there who do not know who Rory Gilmore is, who do not know the gloriousness that is the Gilmore Girls television show please go out to your local Target and buy that shit. Now. I’ll wait……. I am expecting a full season one report from you in the morning so don’t THINK you are getting out of this one.

My Santa Barbara YAYA’s used to have Gilmore Girl’s/Cheaters nights back when we all lived in the same town and went to college together. Gilmore Girls, followed by Joey Greco. (that link goes to his OFFICIAL WEBSITE Y’ALL) YUP. Don’t you JUDGE ME. It was awesome and I miss it.

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

We all read through this ridiculously long list to see how many of brainy Rory’s books we have each tackled. I had 58. Pretty good. I think that is because I am rather fond of the off the cuff books like Peyton Place and Valley of the Dolls. I am positive those were Lorelai’s suggestion. I know I would be down for any Lorelai sponsored book club. I did not count any Dickens or Twain. I know these are classics and important works but both these writers make me itchy and stabby and I have never gone beyond a few chapters. NOW you can go ahead and judge me. I don’t even care.

Colleen and I both remember loving A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I don’t even recall what grade I read it in. She had the super idea of a virtual bookclub with the four of us. My mom found my old copy – it has my older sisters name in it. Don’t tell her I have it still. I probably was supposed to return it back in 1990 or something. SHARING IS CARING BIG SIS!

A Separate Peace | Bittersweetsusie

We aren’t doing anything formal, just reading it and maybe chatting online about it book when we have time, message board style. I tried a real book club once. Fail. Fail.

Holy crap you guys, we might need to find some GILMORE girls FAN FIC. She ends up with Jess. Luke is you STEPFATHER! Suki for President. Or it might just be poorly written and awkwardly pervy.

ALSO, pause, side note if you WILL I was listening to the Nerdist and Lauren Graham was the guest and she was talking about her book Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel and how is being optioned for a TV show… on the CW!

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

WOOO This is amazing news! This is the Yayas! next books club selection (executive decision made – sorry/not sorry) On the podcast Chris Hardwick kept bringing up how she refused to go on a date with him years back. Multiple times. This pleased me. DUH CHRIS – You are NO LUKE!

The End!


• Watch every episode of Gilmore Girls

• Logan, Dean, Or Jess – and Why?

• Christopher or Luke – Why?  You are wrong the answer is always LUKE

• Please check out the Rory Gilmore Reading list here – let me know how you scored in the comments below!

• Have you ever been in a book club? How did that work out for you? Tell me your book club tips please! I need them!


12 thoughts on “The Rory Gilmore Book Club

  1. My number was 55 although it would have been higher if I could have counted the movies that I’d seen instead of the books, however, I kept it only as books. I was super happy to see Rebecca on there (one of my favorite books) as well as two Sue Graftons – love all of her books!

    I was in a book club for a year but left because they kept choosing books that I had no interest in reading. I’m one of those people who will stop reading after a few chapters if it doesn’t grab my interest, so the book club meetings began to get awkward when I couldn’t participate in the discussion and only drank the wine (something I would have done even if I was participating).

    Book club tip: Make sure each person in the group gets to choose a book. In my book club, one person chose all the books, so they only appealed to a few people.


    • That book club sounds LAME nadine – except for the wine. My knit club is really a wine club with yarns. 55 is an excellent number! You must have gone to a GOOD high school – or something! I appreciate the tip. Rotating book choice. Writing that down. xxoo


      • I enjoyed skipping past Dickens after 1 or 2 counts. Too much. We get it, DICKens, you got paid by the word. I only made it to 82 because she thankfully had a good amount of fiction jams after 1970. Seems to be my sweetspot. And, Susie, thinking you are right about those being Lorelai’s jams.


  2. I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS! I also can’t believe I never knew there was a Rory Gilmore book list; this I MUST look into. So teacher’s pet that I am, I already completed the homework.

    I own the entire box set of Gilmore Girls and watch and re-watch relentlessly.

    I’m torn between Jess and Logan because Jess was always authentic but Logan turned into a great guy. Being forced to pick, I would say Jess. And yes, it’s mostly because I have a huge crush on Milo V.

    I totally agree, the answer is always LUKE. Luke and Lorelei were just meant to be together.

    I’m surprised to say that bookworm that I am, I’ve never been a part of a book club. I feel liketthat’s something I need to do now.

    I have to add that I am now officially your biggest fan-girl and your posts shall now be my gospel. In the name of Bittersweet Susie, amen.


    • Hi Brittany,

      Let’s be besties? Cool! You need to go listen to that Nerdist Podcast with Lorelai (forever in our hearts) she talks about the show A LOT.

      I sadly do NOT own the box set but circled it in my Sears catalog and gave it to my MOMS. I better get it for CHRISTMAS.

      I am totally Jess. Even well into my 30s I am – which is dumb. The man with a condo and a JOB should win but Milo wins FOREVER.

      Luke – No contest HIGH FIVE

      Welcome to the club! Super stoked to have you aboard!.


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