The Pintester Rolls On – Vol 3

Hello again friends!

It has been so dang busy around here! And not in the FUN way.

Can we real talk for one moment? What the hell SEPTEMBER is almost over? What happened to my summer? I completely missed it! I don’t remember participating in it one bit. It never got hot, I never went to the beach. I think I took a swim once! I want a REMATCH. As much as I love Halloween fall can FUCK RIGHT OFF. I am not ready. I am hitting the snooze button on this one. Take your pumpkin bread and SHOVE it.

Okayyyyyy – what we are here for – let’s get to it – to it.

Remember my other rumbles with testing those Pinterest pins? Check them out if you haven’t. Go look again anyways, I’ll wait.

Round 1 – Image Transfers

Round 2 – Leave room for Jesus


Well today is another PINTESTER MOVEMENT – round 3 for me! I was a little LATE to the party on this one. I went looking through saved pins for something quick. That’s the point of some of these pin’s right? Life hacks, quick meals and SNACKS. Well this time I actually need something quick and easy so this is a REAL LIFE TEST. Real life folks. FOR REALS.

Go on over and check out what all the other testers are working on at the Pintester Movement – I promise it will be worth it!

And check out Sonia’s Site – Pintester for all round hilarity

I decided to try the 2 – Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

A couple things to note here:

A chocolate chip cookie, FOR ONE. Could there anything more sad cat lady than that? Oh don’t mind me, in my sweatpants, on a friday night, making a GIANT COOKIE for me, myself, and I. Thanks Pinterest for making me feel awesome! The worst part is I got a flu shot on friday and I was feeling under the weather, and made this in mah sweatpants. I will mention they were my fanciest sweatpants though.

Here is the recipe:


  • 2 tbsp (3O grams) unsalted butter,softened
  • 1 1/2 tbsp (2O grams) white granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp (2O grams) brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp (3Oml) beaten egg
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 5 tbsp (60 grams) all purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • pinch salt
  • 1/4 cup (40 grams) chocolate chips

That’s it. No other instructions. No when to add, how to mix. SUPER. I picked a winner here friends. You are WELCOME.

Since I bake cookies often I just went in the order I would do that. Here we go:

Everything worth anything starts with butter….

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

2 dang tablespoons – for one – one for each of your buttcheeks. These are supposed to be softened.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Annnd too much. Oh well – off to a smashing start. Next add the brown and white sugars.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

This is an equal opportunity cookie. That is a lot of goddamn sugar for one cookie.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Next we add two tablespoons of a beaten egg. This part annoyed the crap out of me. Egg waster.

And it was hard to measure. Mix Mix Mix. Fork Fork Fork.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Now add flour, vanilla (that’s the dark spot) baking soda and some salt!

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester MovementThis looks like is is going to be DRY and reminds me of easy bake batters.

I have an easy bake oven – I should have popped it in there  – next time!

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

1/4 cup of chocolate chips! SO MANY! of course anything with THIS MUCH is going to taste good! CHEATERS!

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Since there are no instructions I am assuming the 2 mins was the cook time?  On High? Sure!

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Nuking the ever loving shit out of my cookie. Contemplating what has gone wrong in my life.

I think I see jesus in the reflection.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

Here it is folks. Overwhelmed aren’t you. Meh. Me too.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

This tastes like an ok stale, dry cake. It was ok. Mom and Dad joined in the tasting (they are GREAT SPORTS) Mom said ehhhh – as we kept eating.

Dad said, It’s good, but walked away. That means he was being polite. The walk away is a true sign.

Bittersweet Susie | Pintester Movement

We put chocolate sauce on, MINOR improvement.

Final notes:

Oh where do I begin. I don’t know why I continued with a pin that had no instructions. If you have all these baking ingredients – MAKE A REAL FUCKING COOKIE, maybe a whole dozen. Share them with others. This cooking for one in the microwave is dumb. That being said I ate the entire thing.


• Have you seen Jesus in your microwave?

• Do you have a favorite snack/microwave recipe?

• Should I have used more chocolate chips?

• Can I have your cat?

Until next time – don’t be a stranger!



36 thoughts on “The Pintester Rolls On – Vol 3

  1. How did I not add you to my reader last time around? Hilarious! I love your commentary and picture captions.

    I did a recipe, too! Check it out if you’re interested, I’m going to go add you to my reader now so I can stay up to date on your craziness…


  2. I was intrigued. Until I saw the microwave. EWWW! My mom used to take microwave cooking classes and everything turned out COMPLETELY DISGUSTING, which makes COMPLETE SENSE. Gross. Eat the dough uncooked is the best advice for this little gem.


    • I would like to take credit for the beastmaster/microwave but it is my MOTHERS fancy pants kitchen. The granite is DARK green and horrific to photograph on and she gets mad every time I mention it. It is her dream kitchen. I miss the orange and yellow kitchen of my youth. She thought it was hideous. I might tell her you said so but I don’t want such things going to her head. Cookie dough for life. I think we have enough people here to start a cookie dough cult.


  3. Jesus is not in my microwave, he’s busy mowing the lawn. I used to love this paleo chocolate cake in a cup recipe that I patched together from about three sources, but I don’t do paleo anymore so the recipe is lost (tragic). You should always use more chocolate chips. I don’t have a cat, I have a corgi and she’s MINE . . . even though she’s possibly the devil. Loved the post!


    • Amanda, you get and A on your HOMEWORK! Extra recess for you! My cat frances, who is now with OUR LORD was also the Devil. It made me love her more. Your corgi sounds awesome. I don’t promise not to steal her though. THANKS for stopping by!


  4. Hahaha, I love it! You are too funny 🙂 I don’t really trust microwave cooking, I remember all too well the microwave cooking unit in middle school home economics. Although, I also remember some kind of jam cake (a kuchen?) that actually turned out surprisingly tasty.

    Also, if you want quick cookies, just get the giant tub of nestle cookie dough and you can make small batches (like 6 cookies) in a toaster oven, just scoop out little balls onto a tiny toaster oven tray!


    • Giant tub, spoon, CHECK! I had a kids microwave cookbook when I was younger, slash STILL HAVE. My mom thought it was gross and told me to use the damn oven already. I made some chocolate chip cake that I am pretty sure was this recipe.


  5. LOL I was hoping you would participate again. Another hilarious post!

    I’m convinced these dessert-for-one recipes fail just from the sadness of cooking for one. Like some kind of bad, forever alone mojo.


    • I think you are completely right. There is something to be said to baking for ONE. I think cooking for one is OK> but usually for me that meant cooking for 10 and eating the same thing for leftovers for 2 weeks! Thanks for coming back to the scene of the crime!


  6. You can’t have my cat because I don’t have one, but you are welcome to have my dog. She’s gluten intolerant so you won’t even have to share your nuked cookie.

    I have found a cookie-for-one recipe that actually tastes really good (and doesn’t waste a whole egg) at Chocolate Covered Katie ( but it requires using the real oven. Which, quite frankly, if I’m going to heat up the oven, I might as well make a whole batch.


    • I love pets that I don’t have to share treats with! Thanks for the recipe. I have bookmarked her blog but never had the balls to try one of her recipes out. YEA – If I am heating up the over there better be TWO DAMN STICKS OF BUTTER IN IT.


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