Swingin’ at the Séance

Hello There!

What day is it? I keep losing track! Where are we? Who is THAT guy? GEEZE.

Oh October – I don’t even know what to DO with you right now. I have much to tell you ALL. I went to New Orleans. It was AMAZING. There are so many PIRATEY things there. I had no idea. I also ATE ALL THE THINGS. Well, as many things until I got full. I still have a list of ALL THE THINGS for the next visit. I also shot so much film! FILM! SHOOT FILM! But I have not received the film back from the lab so you have a whole analog film New Orleans EXTRAVAGANZA post to look forward to. You are so WELCOME.

So, Halloween. Is creeping on me like I DON’T KNOW WHAT. Multiple parties every weekend. I love it so but adult costuming exhausts me. There are all the ho bag items. I am in my 30s and that is just not (nor was it ever) a cute look for me. And then anything that is vintage clothing related feels sort of cheating cause those are more regular clothes for me. Maybe I am burnt out because every day is a little dressy. I should wear sweats on Halloween. Or Jeans. I would have to buy some jeans first. Where does one get jeans that do not suck. Friends of the internet – tell me your SECRETS and sources.

I meant to do this post at the end of LAST month and OOPS halfway gone already. We still have some season left though.

So guess what – I MADE YOU A PLAYLIST. Your favorite. I KNOW.

I tried to steer clear of the big hits – hopefully you will hear some Halloween tunes that are new to you. Be a Bittersweet Susie at your next gathering and take over that stereo and PUT THIS ON. Unless I am there. If I am there I am ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF THE TUNES. Trust me dears. It is for the best.

Isn’t this photo a crack up? That witch! ‘Sup Girl!

Bittersweet Susie - Halloween Playlist

Click on photo to see a great collection of vintage halloween shots!

1.)    Al Reed – Hoodoo

2.)    The Deep River Boys – Swingin’ At the Seance

3.)    The Five Jones Boys – Mr Ghost Goes to Town

4.)    The Cadillacs – The Boogie Man

5.)    Prairie Ramblers – Ghost in The Graveyard

6.)    Johnny Otis – Castin’ My Spell

7.)    Buck Owen – (It’s A) Monster’s Party

8.)    Wingy Mannone & His Orchestra – Ol Man Mose

9.)    Putney Dandridge – The Skeleton in the Closet

10.) Morgus & The Three Ghouls – Morgus the Magnificent

11.) Buster Doss – Graveyard Boogie

12.) Kay Starr – The Headless Horseman

13.) Larry Clinton Orchestra – The Devil with The Devil

14.) Tony’s Monstrosities – Igor’s Party

15.) Louis Armstrong – Skeleton in the Closet

16.) Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch

17.) The Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den

18.) The Coasters – The Shadow Knows

19.) Elroy Dietzel – Rock N Bones

So I think I have 4 or so more parties to go to this season – I have NO IDEA what to be. GrrrI always have my BRILLIANT costume ideas in the summer and draw a blank during the Halloween crunch time.


• Do you like adults dressing for Halloween?

• Are you dressing up? As What?

• What should I be?

• What are your favorite Halloween songs to add to the playlist?