Here’s to a groovy New Year!

Hi Friends!

I hope your holidays were super! Did you get what you wanted? Did you eat all the things?

I am ready to get this new year STARTED!

Groovy New Years | Bittersweet Susie

Big Set Assignment from Photo School – a KICK ASS Group Project!

(this was a Brooks Assignment – BIG SET – Pete, Colleen & I with the help of friends – HI D!. YOU KNOW that Jesus Painting is still on my wall – I wish this room was real – Pete built it in a garage!)

I am not one for New Years Resolutions – mostly because I never keep them. Learn to play the accordion – that didn’t happen. Have my mom teach me tatting  – I have said this one for years. I am queen of the no-follow through when it comes to those darn resolutions. Instead I have some goals this year. Hopefully attainable and inspirational for me to live this next year to the fullest. If I get one completed from this list I fully give myself permission to do the happy dance.

2014 Goals  -blah blah blah in no particular order:

• Get my cross stitch patterns up for sale! (I am soooo close)

• Read one book a month – and FINISH the damn book (say this to the stack of started and soon forgotten)

• Complete more crafty projects – instead of just SAVING them to do on the PINTERIST – (Yea fuck you Pinterist)

• Get my photo business organized and shoot MORE – Pricing squared away, and more creative projects

• REGULAR BLOG POSTS – this year was my first real attempt at keeping a blog – and I would like to step this up.

• Leave the house – and not just stay in working on the computer

• Drink all the juices! I got the BEST gift this year – A JUICER! I am going to DRINK ALL THE VEGGIES

So here are my goals – hopefully a challenge I can commit to. Cheers to a productive year. Thanks so much for making this blog tons of fun for me – I can’t wait to see you next time!


• New Years Resolutions – Awesome or SUCK?

• What are your plans and goals for this bright new year?

• Any tips on my goals? – Help a sister out!




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4 thoughts on “Here’s to a groovy New Year!

  1. Yay for 2014! Hopefully better than the year before, although I can’t really say 2013 was all suck. Anywho, resolutions = extra lame because, like you, I never accomplish them or even begin to try them. It’s like saying this next year I wanna be a millionaire. I mean I do, but it’s mostly just wishful thinking. I did set goals though like getting me and my man healthier and to try living more in the moment instead of always stressing about things to come. As far as your goals go, I am über ready for those patterns of yours to go on sale. I’m a fellow cross stitcher and I’ve been eyeing those patterns with extreme envy for quite some time. I want ALL patterns!! Good luck on accomplishing your goals and I for sure hope this blog is one that gets checked off because your posts are all sorts of greatness 🙂


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