Fuck Yea! It’s FRIDAY

Hello out there! It’s FRIDAY! Best day of the week and YOU DESERVE A TREAT for making it!

Good for you.

Welcome to the first ever “FUCK YEA – it’s Friday” post.

I think youtube is the GREATEST thing EVER – don’t you. I can get caught in a useless awesome vortex of doom and only come up for snacks. There is so much to see and find. I have bookmarked some treasures and will feature them on Fridays. I am so glad you are all with me on this!

I was digging around the inter-webs via satellite with my pal Ginger – mostly looking for weird kid shows from our childhood that feature puppets. Everyone in their 30’s does that, right? So about 20 clips in I came to this:

I have no idea how they are related but I am ALL IN! I am not sure which is better, Mr Gildo or the AUDIENCE. And look at the dish at around 40 seconds. Hellllo there dreamy.

Deeper into the vortex I go, and find that this character was a bit of a dreamboat himself and looking VERY Fabian in the 1960s.


And jiving like a badass:

He has a thing for BLONDS (whatever)
 But the Ann-Margret wanna be TAKES IT!

Copacabana? or Invasion of the body snatchers – It looks like a Twilight-zone episode

OK – this is dreamy and I need to find this movie

Does anyone out there know much about him – please share below!

I am attempting to do some weekly recurring posts here, so tune in next week!  Partly because I need some structure in my life, but mostly because I miss you so when we are apart.

• Send me some of your favorite random YOUTUBES
• What is your favorite video of the awesome Rex Gildo?
• What kind of shampoo do you use?

Miss you, love you, BYE


6 thoughts on “Fuck Yea! It’s FRIDAY

  1. You know, it’s not only kids in their 30’s that hash over the old childhood kids shows that had puppets….we do it in our 40’s as well 🙂 Who could ever forget the Great Space Coaster!!! No news is good news with Gary Gnu.


    • Hi Elise! I LOVE this and BOOKMARKED it for repeat viewings and possible friday feature.

      No shampoo you say? Get out of my brain! I have been looking at that whole NO POO thing and contemplating it. I am going to check out that conditioner! Come back SOON!


      • YES ANOTHER CONVERT!!! Seriously, the best thing to watch while drunk with friends… or stream into your phone on a long drive.

        I haven’t used shampoo in years. My hair just drinks the conditioner at this point & I have less frizz and more curls. Good luck!!


  2. This man is incredible! My personal fav is Copacabana because of HATS… though the crowd in the Medley from 1981 almost stole my heart from them. 🙂


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