Hello there.

Another week down!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I am here keeping good on my promise of the FRIDAY! FUCK YEA posts being a weekly thing. The bad news is that I had big plans for the blog this week but they got flushed down the crapper. There is always next week.

This week’s FUCK YEA post is dedicated to the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME:

On Patrol with Santa Barbara PD

YOU GUYS this show MIGHT be better than cheaters, I am not even kidding.

Wet your appetite with this little promo:

This is MY town (or at least it was for over 10 years)

There are things I love and HATE about dear Santa Barbara.

It is clean – but most the people there are ON in years – not much for trashing the joint.

There is lot of good food – the only activity to do (besides beachin’ in the summer) is stuff your face with the foods.

There is no traffic – because you have nowhere to go!

But still, there are days when driving through Van Nuys I miss my pretty little town. The thing I miss most of all is this show “On Patrol with SB” and all its local commercials. Think of how thrilling it is to see these men and woman in action as they take down those nasty jaywalkers (in front of your favorite donut shop* no less). Oh man look they are on Haley St. and you can see your friend Bob loitering in the background. You will never be closer to the action than this.

Santa Barbara – where crazy people go at each other with SWORDS.

Santa Barbara – where the dead homeless person in the bush is less exciting than a spider in a young woman’s car! (These are both REAL EPISODES)

I had a DVR when I was living there so I would NEVER miss an episode. I would watch them over and over – Look! The Shitty Kitty! Oh HUZZAH the Natural Cafe and underage drunk kids sitting out front! Oh Gosh! I had no idea Cost Plus was open this late! Thanks SB on Patrol.

You can’t imagine my ELATION when after months of searching I finally found this gem of our generation.


Go now! Click on that. I’ll wait.

This show is so amazing – but you need to experience the magic for yourself. Just and FYI – I call DIBS on McGrew – He is MINE!

Bittersweet Susie | The Greatest Show EVER

* The ONLY Donuts you need to know about in SB is this Spudnuts – Tell Joy I sent ya!


• Watch the show – tell me your favorite episode.

• Do you have a local show in your town? SHARE IT!

Have a great weekend besties!


Oh Thanks FRIEND!

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