Singin’ in The Rain – It’s Friday

Oh friends, It is STORMWATCH 2014 here in Southern California. Scary shit. We are supposed to get more rain than we have had in 3 YEARS! Everybody FREAK OUT! So far it has been a bit lackluster as far as mother nature has been in the past. I am not complaining. Any rain is good rain here but I would like one good daylight DOWNPOUR.

This horrifying weather (the sun just fucking came out) guided me to our FUCK YEA FRIDAY YouTube extravaganza!

We are all (or I hope you are) familiar with the Gene Kelly “Singin’ In the Rain” – but did you know it was in a film earlier?

Here is Cliff Edwards – also know as Ukulele Ike – in The Hollywood Revue of 1929

Right? How amazing is that? Does his voice sound familiar? IT SHOULD. He is none other than Jiminy Cricket!

He is also Jim Crow (I KNOW) in Dumbo – he is the friend in the pink spats – so STYLISH. If he wore some crappy suspenders and a clip on bow tie he would be the belle of Dapper Day.

I think he also may be doing that scat part by our friend in the red beatnik sweater.

Cliff unfortunately led a hard life. He started in vaudeville and was extremely famous! Like heart-throb – or maybe more like comic buddy FAMOUS! He went on to do movies and had popular recordings on through the 1940s – and voice work. A drug and alcohol addiction took him down a different path and he died in the 1970s – in obscurity. I read that Walt Disney was quietly paying for his medical bills and even paid for his headstone. I don’t have that fact checked but it is a nice thought all the same.

Blah I ruined the FUCK YEA vibe – let’s bring it back. Cliff is so charming and talented I dare you

(I FREAKING DAAAARRRRE YOUUU) to not get into some of these clips.

It really get’s going at the end of this one:

Here are some more wonderful YouTubes: They make me want to break out my Ukulele (no really I should – I can play all of one song on it because I DON’T PRACTICE)

“It’s Only a Paper Moon”

With Buster Keaton:

We could be here all day with the treasures of Cliff Edwards out there! I think this is a perfect soundtrack for brightening up a gloomy friday. Celebrate Cliff with listening to a few of his wonderful tunes.

Have a good weekend – visit me again!


• Best/worst thing about the rain? 

• What do you watch or listen to on a gloomy day? I put on BBC’s Pride and Prejudice!

Get Crafty – Let’s Make a Headband

Howdy Pals! How are YOU doing today?

I heard it was going to rain and be colder than our usual 75-80 degrees that we have enjoyed here in LA-LA Land. Not sure how I feel about this.

Today I have a little crafty tutorial for you. We are going to make HEADBANDS – sorry dude friends. They do make GREAT gifts though so it is not a total loss.

I was in Palm Springs last week shooting a hotel. That city is so dreamy.

Bittersweet Susie | Royal Sun, Palm Springs CA

 I did this tutorial while I was there. I always travel with apron 5.7 craft projects at ALL TIMES.

Always be ready for craft time.

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

This is fold over elastic, also called underwear elastic. hee hee. I get mine off Etsy but they have it at fabric stores too!

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

You are going to need one of these bad boys. God bless glue guns.


Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Cut 4 pieces. Measure the main piece to fit your big fat head. I get migraines so I don’t make it too tight. Add 1/2″ for the overlap when you glue it. Don’t stress here too much because it is quite stretchy.

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

I always put scrap paper under the glue gun so I don’t ruin the table. Don’t ruin the table kids!



Take one of the two-inch tabs. This is to cover the glue and seam on the bottom. Look how classy that is. 

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Take the middle-sized piece and make a mini look for the bow. Glue that shit.

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

You are going to use the second small tab to attach the bow to the headband.

Bittersweet Susie | Headband TutorialBittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial
Holy shit. You did it! I am so impressed.

Bittersweet Susie | Headband Tutorial

Oy apologies for the cell phone selfie. My gorilla arms were still not able to hold the beast camera to take a shot. 

There you have it. These are great for holding hair back when working out (ha!) or washing your face. You can leave the bow off if that is not your style.

Thanks for crafting with me friends. Be sure to stop by again.


• Do the damn craft – and send me photos @

The Punchy Players presents: Friday!

Oh Friday can it really be you? FUCK YEA!

My schedule is so all over the place I do not really know WHAT day it is anymore.

Weekend? What’s that?

Today I bring you a little YouTube comedy by the way of the Punchy Players – if you hadn’t had the pleasure then you are about to go into a YouTube spiral of rad. My friend Chris showed these to me. I keep my friends around because they make me look cooler than I actually am.

Here are a couple of my favorites – I pretty much pee my pants when I watch them. You are welcome for that visual.

Hollywood Hoarder

Why is this not a REAL SHOW. Holy Jesus – all the corn cob holders!

Cream of Wheat – SING IT JUDY

Piggly Wiggly – Momma I wish I was a Oscar Mayer Weiner!

Baby Daddy – Just try it! The KIDS will love it!

I am working on a 3 day headache. If you cut me open you will find that my blood has been replaced with Excedrine.

If you are having one of those Fridays – like me – these will cheer you up!

Thanks for stopping by! I love seeing your face.

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  • What are your favorite series on Youtube? (I need you to make me look cool too!)
  • What is your favorite Judy Garland movie? This week mine is Easter Parade