Love is in the AIR – ‘cuz FRIDAY!

Friends. Friday. Can you dig it? and HAPPY Valentine’s Day! You are looking super fly. I just wanted you to know that.

Love is in the air – or it may be the aftermath of all that chocolate I ate last night (Thanks MOM and DAD – best Valentine’s EVER)

I have little something that my favorite gal, Ruby, and I made for you – BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!

Bittersweet Susie | Miss Rockabilly Ruby

 Just know I am never cutting out that many hearts in Photoshop again. I don’t love you that much.

In honor of this festive day I have some LOVE themed videos for you. Don’t worry – they are totally Bittersweet approved.

I am sure a lot of you have seen this one – but it gets better every time I watch it.

Cringe worthy for sure. But friends, after watching it a few times I started to like these guys – except for the surfer douche who said he doesn’t want a girl into food. I will hunt you and punch in the face and then eat ALL THE CHEESE. Douche.

Mr. John Ritter on the Dating Game:

What a dreamboat (and fucking hilarious)! He is certainly the best one – though that cutie in the glasses… The first dude, I feel for him but also want to smack him in the face at the same time – agree?

Now that you have seen all the available guys, and picked your winner – you need to know the proper way to undress in the bedroom! Oooh La La!

So EDUCATIONAL (and not weird or pervy AT ALL) Trixie rules. Sometimes having the entire bed to yourself rules. SCRATCH WHAT YOU WANT TRIXIE!

Don’t forget to check out my Anti-Valentine’s day Playlist!

I hope today you get something sweet! I really do LIKE like you, you know.

No homework because it’s a HOLIDAY! See you next time dears.

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Oh Thanks FRIEND!

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