Vinyl Wednesday

Middle of the week, middle of the week. You made it to the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK.

It is a glass half full/half empty situation friends.

I am back with another edition of Vinyl Wednesday. I think maybe 2 of you out there will give a crap about this one. HI ERIC!

This week I am featuring a record from my childhood collection and a trip back to the world of fine cinema.

I present to you:

The Chipmunk Adventure

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | The Chipmunk Adventure

 Album: The Chipmunk Adventure (movie soundtrack)

Year: 1987

Bought: Tempo Records in Northridge CA

Price: FULL PRICE – I got it NEW when the movie was still in the theaters!

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | The Chipmunk Adventure

My fellow children of the 80s – Take a look at this. I love love LOVED this album and played it constantly. My sister and I would sing along specifically to the   “Girls of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Track. Who DIDN’T want to be a Chipette?

My second fave song was “Getting Lucky” – it was the perfect inappropriate kid version of a 1950s rock song. The 80s were the best for having questionable content geared for kids (Do you know how many bad words are in The Goonies?!?)

I am surprised this record still plays – we practically wore it OUT (I am sure our mom was thrilled)

I will admit that I have not seen this in years, but I am going to go ahead and say that it holds up and is SPECTACULAR. You are missing out on all that is awesome in your childhood if you have not seen it.

Thanks for stopping by – go stalk me!


  • What is your favorite Chipmunk endeavor? 
  • What is your favorite song/memory from this movie?
  • What was your favorite kids record from your childhood?

4 thoughts on “Vinyl Wednesday

  1. I LOVED my chimpmunks record! I played it on my red Fisher Price record player. I remember I felt so cool that I had my very OWN record and record player. I don’t know this exact record though…


  2. Oh. My. God. I LOVE that movie. People look at me funny when I mention it- like I made it up or something. I’m so glad to see someone else reminiscing over it and that I didn’t make up an entire Chipmunk movie, complete with musical numbers, in my head. “Girls of Rock n’ roll” is definitely up there as a fave, with the Chipmunk rendition of “Wooly Bully” coming in very close.


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