The Punchy Players presents: Friday!

Oh Friday can it really be you? FUCK YEA!

My schedule is so all over the place I do not really know WHAT day it is anymore.

Weekend? What’s that?

Today I bring you a little YouTube comedy by the way of the Punchy Players – if you hadn’t had the pleasure then you are about to go into a YouTube spiral of rad. My friend Chris showed these to me. I keep my friends around because they make me look cooler than I actually am.

Here are a couple of my favorites – I pretty much pee my pants when I watch them. You are welcome for that visual.

Hollywood Hoarder

Why is this not a REAL SHOW. Holy Jesus – all the corn cob holders!

Cream of Wheat – SING IT JUDY

Piggly Wiggly – Momma I wish I was a Oscar Mayer Weiner!

Baby Daddy – Just try it! The KIDS will love it!

I am working on a 3 day headache. If you cut me open you will find that my blood has been replaced with Excedrine.

If you are having one of those Fridays – like me – these will cheer you up!

Thanks for stopping by! I love seeing your face.

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  • What are your favorite series on Youtube? (I need you to make me look cool too!)
  • What is your favorite Judy Garland movie? This week mine is Easter Parade

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Oh Thanks FRIEND!

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