VLV17 – Photos Round 2

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Here is the final installment of my VIVA photos (here is round 1) and in appreciation for you taking your time to look over here I am giving away a print of your choice. You do not have to take a print of a STRANGER – I have more arty farty things to choose from over at my photo site susiedelaney.com.

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Viva17 – I LIVED

Sort of.

I did make it back in one piece. I never puked. I didn’t rip any vintage. I got some dancing in. I only bought one dress.

This all seems like I was on the winning team for sure. Viva is damn exhausting. I will say the best part about it was meeting and talking to new people. I made so many new friends it was like summer camp (without the creepy Christian Rock songs) The food was just as bad.

I didn’t totally follow the Survival Guide – and got struck down with an epic Migraine. My girl Ruby left the car show early to TAKE CARE OF ME. She is all sorts of amazing.  So: more naps, more water, more booze for next year. People TOTALLY annoyed me. Damn, I should have listened to Sonia.

I finally manned up and started to carry the beast master (my camera) around and that really turned the weekend around for me. Taking portraits makes my day. My game plan for next year is to buy a MUCH LIGHTER camera bag, and just constantly shoot. Shoot PHOTOS until my arms fall off.

This post is just pretty much going to be all photos – and if you follow my Instagram (you better be following me) you have already seen a few of these shots. I will try not to repeat any (until the Viva Vol 2 post!)

On with the show!



I will post the rest tomorrow!


• Best/Worst part of Viva

• Favorite Viva outfit, worn OR seen

• Next Years Viva Gameplan




•Did you go to Viva?

• If so, why did

5 Quick Tips to an Extremely Enjoyable Viva Las Vegas 2014

Hey Friends! We have a GUEST POST today!!!
Bittersweet Susie | Tips for VIVA Las Vegas
I know a lot of you are getting ready for VIVA – Millions of outfit changes, training for those all night record hops, conditioning your livers for the WORST! My rad pal Sonia has crafted a handy little guide of things learned from last year’s trip out there.
Heed the warnings people, she know’s what she is talking about!

Hiya beautiful Viva Las Vegas Festival goers! I have a few lessons learned and tips that I (and 3 of my lovely friends) collected last year that I want to share with you to make sure that you all have the best time at this year’s event.

1. If you’re gonna drink, get drunk. If you drink too little, you’re just going to get annoyed at everyone and everything around you. If you drink too much, you might just end up with a friend under one arm dragging you along with your shoes in one hand. No shoes? Not cool. Stay classy! 
2. Don’t take a nap unless you set an alarm. You will most likely miss the dance class you were going to attend, or a band you oh so wanted to see.
3. Bring one (maternity) outfit for the bloats, or you’ll feel like you’re wearing pants to the promThere’s lots of drinking, eating, and other bloat inducing shenanigans (2 hours of sleep, maybe?). Bring a stretchy waist dress (for the ladies), and pants a size too big (for the men), because going to the ballroom in your stretchy waist pajamas is just embarrassing.
4. On finding your viva boyfriend/girlfriend. You can’t force the extremely short term relationship! Get it while it’s hot, and move onto the next super hot rockabilly distraction, just in the same way he/she will move on. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Let it go. P.S. Boys, kissy noises as we ladies walk by does NOT turn us on. You’re pushing us away. Quit it.
5. Keep it together and stay up ALL night. Ladies., make sure your lipstick is in place and not smudged across your face from the last sloppy kiss you may have received during a dip on the last note of a swinging rock song. ‘Get it together! You’re drunk. I’m taking you to bed,’ a friend told me at a previous festival. There was no way I was going to bed at midnight. It’s only one weekend of your life. Party it up and save sleep for home, where it belongs. 
– Sonia
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Bittersweet Susie | Guide to VIVA Las Vegas

Our VLV16 Lessons Learned ThinkTank Group (I’m 2nd from right)



• Are you going to VIVA?

• How many outfits are you bringing?

• Favorite band that’s playing?

• Do you wanna hang out with me there? (SAY YES)