Come On I Wanna Lei Ya!

Hi Everyone! I got some feedback from many FRIENDS that they loved my recent back from Hawaii playlist – but missed some CRUCIAL songs. My bad! I hope this Vol 2 can make up for it. I am sure there are many favorites still not included – so LET ME KNOW. We can make this a trilogy of playlists.

Let’s have a multi-volume set, shall we?

Come On I Wanna Lei Ya!

  1. Tommy Sands – Hawaiian Rock
  2. Ray Conniff – The Hukilau Song
  3. Annette Funicello – Pineapple Princess
  4. Don Ho – Tiny Bubbles
  5. Gabby Pahinui – Hi’ilawe
  6. Harry Belafonte – Done Laid Around – a/k/a Gotta Travel On
  7. Jimmy C. Newman – Bop-A-Hula
  8. Smokey Joe Baugh – Hula Bop
  9. Emilie Lambert – Le Hula Bop
  10. Tom Moffat – Rock Along
  11. Art Davis – Hawaiian Boogie
  12. Annette Funichello – Waikiki
  13. Buddy Knox – Hula Love
  14. Don Ho – E Le Ka Lei Lei (Beach Party Song) – Remastered
  15. Connie Francis – Blue Hawaii Stereo
  16. Bill Haley – Me Rock-A-Love
  17. Jay Epae – Putti Putti
  18. Les Paul – Hawaiian Paradise
  19. Fats Waller – Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloha? – Remastered
  20. Elvis Presley – Moonlight Swim
  21. Louis Jordan – Run Joe
  22. Gabby Pahinui – Hula Medley
  23. Moana Serenaders – On The Beach At Waikiki
  24. Alfred Apaka – Makalapua
  25. The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders – Blue Lei
  26. King Oliver And His Orchestra – Everybody Does It In Hawaii
  27. Ray Kinney With Dick Mc Intire – My Hula Lady
  28. Eddie Bush`S Biltmore Trio – My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii
  29. Andy Iona – Maui Girl
  30. Frances Langford With Dick Mc Intire – In Waikiki
  31. Harry Belafonte – Coconut Woman
  32. Sol Hoopi – I Like You
  33. Hawaiian Serenaders – Honolulu Stomp
  34. Annie Kerr – I’ve Gone Native Now – The 1930’s

Friends in SO Cal are enjoying some early summer weather – so put this on and bask in that summer warmth.

A little sun kissed glow looks SO GOOD on you friend. I like it!


• Shut up it’s friday – NO HOMEWORK 


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