Viva17 – I LIVED

Sort of.

I did make it back in one piece. I never puked. I didn’t rip any vintage. I got some dancing in. I only bought one dress.

This all seems like I was on the winning team for sure. Viva is damn exhausting. I will say the best part about it was meeting and talking to new people. I made so many new friends it was like summer camp (without the creepy Christian Rock songs) The food was just as bad.

I didn’t totally follow the Survival Guide – and got struck down with an epic Migraine. My girl Ruby left the car show early to TAKE CARE OF ME. She is all sorts of amazing.  So: more naps, more water, more booze for next year. People TOTALLY annoyed me. Damn, I should have listened to Sonia.

I finally manned up and started to carry the beast master (my camera) around and that really turned the weekend around for me. Taking portraits makes my day. My game plan for next year is to buy a MUCH LIGHTER camera bag, and just constantly shoot. Shoot PHOTOS until my arms fall off.

This post is just pretty much going to be all photos – and if you follow my Instagram (you better be following me) you have already seen a few of these shots. I will try not to repeat any (until the Viva Vol 2 post!)

On with the show!



I will post the rest tomorrow!


• Best/Worst part of Viva

• Favorite Viva outfit, worn OR seen

• Next Years Viva Gameplan




•Did you go to Viva?

• If so, why did


15 thoughts on “Viva17 – I LIVED

  1. Your photos are stunning! Almost makes me wish I was there — except I’m old (28 is old now) and I like sleep more than my husband and two cocktails makes me feel like I’m dying the next day.


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  3. Just found this post…dreaming of VIVA again. Great photos! I love VIVA been a few times, this year sadly I could not enjoy it as much as I got food poisoning on Friday night and was out till Saturday evening, so I feel your pain regarding the migraine.

    I loved all the outfits I saw..everyone has such glorious taste and every year I find myself trying to come up to everyone’s level (not there yet lol!). Oh well I will just drool at others lucky finds 🙂

    Room booked, just need to get my tickets and try to get a bunch more Toronto Rockabilly fans to attend (we are slowly becoming a bigger group).

    Have a super day!

    Liz 🙂


    • OHHH thanks so much for commenting! I hate being sick at events! The rooms were sold out while I was still there so hopefully I can sleep on a floor somewhere. I love the outfits at viva but unless my friends dress me I usually just go kinda casual. TOO MUCH WORK!


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