Pin-Up Party

oh HEY!

Yea I know I have been away – don’t look at me like that. I promise I have been busy doing things, I just forget to post about it all.

There is something really big and fun coming up that I would NO WAY forget to tell you all about!


Party? I LOVE parties! Espesh ones I do not have to clean up.

My favorite Vintage store in all the land is having a Pin Up photo day – Saturday, June 14!

Burbank CALIFORNIA is where it is at, but totally worth the drive if you aren’t down the way.

 I will be photographing and joined by two incredible talents rocking your hair and makeup (because you REALLY do not want me to be in charge of THAT) We going to transform you into the most rocking of babes EVER!

Bittersweet Susie | Pinup Party at Playclothes Vintage - Burbank CA

This is a heck of a deal – only $125 and that includes styling and photography. I would do it if I wasn’t working the camera, for reals.

Call the store to reserve your spot. 818.557.8447 – There are only a few spots open so call now – Or live with regret and have to pay WAY MORE money for me to take your photo.

I know we all love a good deal (and for the record I am worth EVERY DAMN PENNY)