Craft – Let’s Make Envelopes!

Oh Friends. Its mid August! How are you all holding up? I want you to know I heart your faces!

I have another ehow craft feature – because all I do now is test various glues and glitter integrity. They know be by name at my local craft store.

This craft is for the HOARDERS. We can call ourselves sentimental traditionalist with a love of preservation if it makes us feel better.

I save ALL THE THINGS  – and here is a craft for those of you that SAVE all the things too!

Turn your old & FREE calendars into envelopes

Bittersweet Susie - Make Envelopes From Old Calendars - EHOW

A special bonus of this is that I NEVER have envelopes. I am just not that efficient and I am constantly wrapping burned DVDS for photo clients in paper towels. This is SO MUCH better.

And apparently today is the 3 third anniversary of this blog! WOW! It’s not entirely accurate but it IS three years since I registered this site. Does this count? Talk to me again in a year when I wax poetic about what a long and REWARDING journey it has been. Heh.


• Do you have a good DIY craft that also recycles?

• What is a common item (like envelopes) that you find yourself never having enough of?

• What are your thoughts on glitter?


7 thoughts on “Craft – Let’s Make Envelopes!

  1. LOVE the envelopes. Awesome possumness. Let’s leave the glitter to the strip clubs, that way if we find any, it’s a dead give away…


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