I Love Wallpaper

Hi Friends! The leaves are already starting to fall off the trees and it is still August. I think the end of summer is BULLSHIT and we should have summer for a full year and all holidays (except my birthday) every OTHER year. Let’s make this happen people!

So I wrote a little piece for Ehow about vintage/retro wallpaper. You know I love a good wallpaper, who DOESN’T? I remember every wallpaper that was in my parent’s house growing up. I EVEN remember every Laura Ashley floral, those were dark times. I asked my mom about a few SPECTACULAR examples that were up in the 70’s (foiled papers, flocked, flower power daisies) and she BELIEVES there are still in a box somewhere.

Get ready for CRAFT with those everyone. Imagine the possibilities.

So here is the article – go have a look. Your wall will thank you (I mean thank ME)



• best wallpaper you have ever seen? Describe it

• the worst wallpaper as well. Hit me with your best shot.


3 thoughts on “I Love Wallpaper

  1. My bedroom growing up had an entire wallpaper suite in it. The bold stripes, the contrasting large floral basketweave, the accent tiny floral, and the coordinating border. Like a wallpaper book threw up.


  2. 1. Lived in an old row house in Philly and while most of it had been renovated, the original wallpaper was still in one of the closets. It was a grid of golden ribbons with a bouquet of tiny flowers in each diamond- very late 1800s/early 1900s.
    2. A friend redid her kitchen about 9 years ago an put up this wallpaper that has fat Italian chefs running all over a red background. They all look like Mario. And it has the word for “eat” in multiple languages scrawled all over.


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