I went to PROM

Hi Friends!

Pin Up Prom 2-14

Earlier this summer I got to go to Prom again! No, not with an unsuspecting underage kid, cause that would be GROSS.

I got to go to the 2014 Pinup Girl Clothing Prom.

Please check them out if you are not familiar.  They are an amazing company that promotes positive body image and their clothes are made in the US! What’s not to like?

Pin Up Prom 2-14

Pin Up Prom 2-14 Pin Up Prom 2-14
Pin Up Prom 2-14

There were never a more well dressed bunch! My own prom (in 199….. WHATEVER did NOT look like this)

I did wear vintage to my own prom but my fabulousness was drowned out by the sweet sweet sounds of  “No Diggity”

ALSO – our illegal after prom was held at this shady hotel in Hollywood – the same one Brenden Fraser stayed in Blast From The Past! (everyone in LA is famous – even crappy hotels)

But the BEST part is around 1 am when we all finally got there, tired and our hair a mess from our sweet dance moves, the elevator doors open and you know who was standing there?


Little mother fucking Richard was in the elevator. I froze. The kids I was with had NO IDEA who he was and piled in. That was the highlight of my elevator experience EXCEPT for the one time I high fived Justin Timberlake in one. Remind me to tell you that story later.


There were treats, there was glitter, there was BOOZE!

Pin Up Prom 2-14

There was also burlesque performed by Masuimi Max!

Pin Up Prom 2-14

And Ivy Levan performed – have you seen her? She is a complete BADASS!

Pin Up Prom 2-14

As usual, I am just going to DUMP some of my favorite snaps from that night right HERE. Have a look!

If I took your photo feel free to show your cousin Barbara –

or make it your profile photo – just credit me!

* If you are interested in purchasing a print – you can at this link! *

The whole gallery will be up (not just this selection)


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• tell me about YOUR prom? What did you wear?

One thought on “I went to PROM

  1. So bummed I didn’t make it to this! I didn’t get to go to my prom (being a teenage mother kind of sucks the fun out of high school) and I totally loved the idea of grown up prom. I really hope this is something they do every year for their anniversary.


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