Retro Felt Circle Skirt Tutorial

Retro Felt Circle Skirt Tutorial  – say that three times fast! I have such a way with words.

Bittersweet Susie | Retro Felt Circle Skirt Tutorial

Look at this cat skirt I made – LOOK at it! You want one? Of COURSE you do!

Lucky for you I am your bestest pal and have this instructions already done for you.  This is a simple tutorial for beginners (because that’s what I consider myself with the sewing of the clothes). Mine has cats because I am a baking, knitting, old lady glasses wearing, all the cats having grandma but YOU can put whatever you want on there.

This is just in time to make a skirt for every family holiday occasion. Giant turkey circle skirt! Big fat santa eating all the damn cookies circle skirt! Make one slightly offensive and impress those conservative relatives you only see once a year!

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

Click HERE to see how it’s done on good ol EHOW.

HOMEWORK – comment below

• Make your own circle skirt MASTERPIECE – you better show me what you have made OR ELSE OR ELSE

• What are your best ideas for the MOTHER of all felt circle skirts?


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