Holiday Craft Bonanza! – Retro Felt Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Ok how it is only a week before Christmas?  WEEK. I had great plans for making lovely crafted gifts for every person I have ever met. Instead I am going to re-watch Twin Peaks for the millionth time and skip the holiday altogether.

A month or so back I was full stop into the Christmas Spirit. I did manage to crank out some crafts for EHOW and now I can share them with you.

All of them are simple and easily customizable. You still have time to do any of these guys before the holiday knocks on our door. Most you can do while watching your favorite holiday film (or two!) and will give you the satisfaction of being one crafty and creative bad ass mother fucker.

So get on with it!

First up – The Retro Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

Bittersweet Susie | Retro Felt Tree Skirt Tutorial

This project can be easily changed to match your decor. I have GRAND PLANS to make some different versions.

Maybe a Halloween Tree one year???

Tune in every day leading up to Christmas for more tutorials and the long awaited Holiday Playlist (to tide you over click on link to last years!


• Did you have any grand plans you never completed?

• What is your go to Holiday movie?

I Love Wallpaper

Hi Friends! The leaves are already starting to fall off the trees and it is still August. I think the end of summer is BULLSHIT and we should have summer for a full year and all holidays (except my birthday) every OTHER year. Let’s make this happen people!

So I wrote a little piece for Ehow about vintage/retro wallpaper. You know I love a good wallpaper, who DOESN’T? I remember every wallpaper that was in my parent’s house growing up. I EVEN remember every Laura Ashley floral, those were dark times. I asked my mom about a few SPECTACULAR examples that were up in the 70’s (foiled papers, flocked, flower power daisies) and she BELIEVES there are still in a box somewhere.

Get ready for CRAFT with those everyone. Imagine the possibilities.

So here is the article – go have a look. Your wall will thank you (I mean thank ME)



• best wallpaper you have ever seen? Describe it

• the worst wallpaper as well. Hit me with your best shot.

Movin’ On Up

I am moving my life into storage. It is less than fun. I lived in this condo for 9 years and it is time to move on but I will miss it. I am documenting it before I completely destroy the place and take everything down and pack it way in an army of brown U-haul boxes.

Today I am showing you the living room, because it was the cleanest:

Mid Century Living Room

The couch was from my great grandfather’s furniture company, Jamestown Sterling. I don’t know what the original fabric was but my mom had it recovered in the 70’s with a very loud brown plaid and we had it recovered in black. The seat cushions have springs in them and your butt HURTS after a while but it wouldn’t have that crisp modern look without them. BEAUTY IS PAIN friends. Always remember that.

Details Mid Century Living Room

The little side table came from a thrift store for CHEAP – but I need to refinish it. It’s also missing a knob which I am on the hunt for (casually).  The clock was my grandmothers. She gave it to me when I was in high school and said it lived on their mantle. It’s a noisy little bugger.

Starburst Clock

I got this bad boy off eBay. It was converted from an electrical clock to a battery operated one. It works for about 40 mins and stops. I wonder if this is fixable. Looks good though, right?

Now back to packing – anyone need some note cards?  For some reason I found 4 boxes.