So I am in this gang. Well it is not really a gang, it’s more of a group. Eh, it’s not really a group but rather just a few friends from college. Back up in Santa Barbara when we were all in still in school together we made sure to meet at LEAST once a week to watch the latest Gilmore Girls followed by the greatest show ever, Cheaters. (oh I forgot to mention this was round 2 of school for all of use so we are about 25-30 in age range, Gilmore Girls night is legit right?)

When school was over that instant girl night gratification was sorely missed. We started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Yaya Armwarmers (or something – the name has been bastardized a few times or so) We had a journal and a pair of armwarmers that I had knitted that would be sent from friend to friend when we thought one or another might need it most. Boy problems, work problems, oh shit I’m 30 problems. Again, totally normal for women our age to be mimicking a young adult novel. So. Normal.

A few year have lapsed, the arm warmers have been lost but we find ourselves needing them, each other and our Gilmore Girls night once again. None of us live particular close to each other (even states away) so I am hitting the reset button on this, YAYA!

It is June here in Los Angeles and the thought of wearing the former arm warmers seems impractical and, just no. That ship has sailed. This round I am going to knit Daybreak by Stephen West: **

Daybreak - Pattern and Photo from Stephen West

Daybreak – Pattern and Photo from Stephen West

Oooh So Pretty!

I am using Purple Tiger Rose Sock Yarn by LadybugFiber – found on Etsy


And Spanish Moss by The Copper Corgi – Also found on Etsy


Cute ya?



** SB knitters know this pattern as the HOTNESS!


I find that I am looking at other projects more than I am working on my own. I need to change that.

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