Treat Yourself – GO READ A BOOK

Hey friends. How are you? How is your stress level? How are you sleeping? Yea, me too.

Current stress levels after reading and discussing all that is going on in the world have caused me to develop a very prominent eye twitch. I hope no one has noticed.


 It is  stressful time right now, for multiple reasons. There is work to be done – always. It seems like it is never enough. BUT if you are so stressed (that your eye twitches TOO) then you need to take care of your yourself! There are a million and one ways to do that!

• Take a walk • pick up a new hobby • exercise • walk • be creative • hang out with your friends • binge watch something FUN and silly •

My go to for turning everything off is BOOKS. Picture books, children’s books, books about other books, cooking books, pattern books, kindle books. I try to be an equal opportunist when it comes to all things BOOK. It is also a bonus for the queen of the hermits because usually this is a SOLO venture. The quiet of this activity plus taking in the info on the page is pretty much the only thing that is helping me de-stress – even if it is just a few minutes at a time.

My challenge to myself this year, or rather a version of a new years resolution is to READ ALL THE BOOKS. Obviously I cannot read ALL THE BOOKS but I am going to try to read twice as many as last year. This should not be a problem as I read books and either didn’t finish them or simply didn’t mark them down. My memory is crap and until it is documented somewhere I just do not remember.

vintage library

There goes that eye twitch again.

So to aid me on this literary adventure was a link my mom sent me (HI MOM!):

Pop Sugar 2017 Reading Challenge

I don’t read pop sugar often and in general I am not much of a joiner but this list of book prompts is kind of awesome. A book about someone you admire, a book in a genre you are unfamiliar with, A BOOK WITH A CAT ON THE COVER. These topic suggestions run all over the place and are completely open to interpretation. It has really gotten me excited to venture out to some books I would have normally never read as I like to hang almost exclusively in the memoirs/autobiography/biography section.

The only problem I had was with their printable sheet. It was impossible to read and to scribble notes on so I made you a NEW ONE!

2017 Book Challenge Worksheet

Feel free to share it, save it, print it, keep a crumpled up copy with you at all times! I have a few that I scribble on and move my to reads around to different spots.

Another great fun resource for this is a group on Goodreads –  book suggestions and to read lists for all the topics you may not be familiar with. What the heck is a STEAMPUNK NOVEL? I guess I will use this awesome group to find out.

If you aren’t on goodreads I highly recommend it. It is a great resource for finding your next favorite book.

I also like to look to A Mighty Girl for book suggestions. They are separated in category by age but there is a 14+ section I like to check through.

While 40 + books looks like a heck of a lot for one year, with all the life happenings that need to be taken care of day to day, that shouldn’t detour you from at least trying to tackle a couple. Use to the list suggestions to find a book you may never would have tried otherwise!

I am going to try my best to get through the list, I am already 4 down, but I am just happy to ride along on this literary vacation. Join me!




• What are you currently reading now

• Share with us your book recommendations that might fit into the categories

• Friend me on goodreads!


The Rory Gilmore Book Club

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie
Hi Friends! You look nice today, well rested.

My friend Cate, yes THAT CATE, pointed me to the most radical blog the other day. They are going through the entire Rory Gilmore reading list. The ENTIRE list.  I think they are on book 6 or 7 out of 339, which is cray.  I wonder if they will crap out around #74. Anyone care to take a little wager with me on that?

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

For those unfortunate souls out there who do not know who Rory Gilmore is, who do not know the gloriousness that is the Gilmore Girls television show please go out to your local Target and buy that shit. Now. I’ll wait……. I am expecting a full season one report from you in the morning so don’t THINK you are getting out of this one.

My Santa Barbara YAYA’s used to have Gilmore Girl’s/Cheaters nights back when we all lived in the same town and went to college together. Gilmore Girls, followed by Joey Greco. (that link goes to his OFFICIAL WEBSITE Y’ALL) YUP. Don’t you JUDGE ME. It was awesome and I miss it.

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

We all read through this ridiculously long list to see how many of brainy Rory’s books we have each tackled. I had 58. Pretty good. I think that is because I am rather fond of the off the cuff books like Peyton Place and Valley of the Dolls. I am positive those were Lorelai’s suggestion. I know I would be down for any Lorelai sponsored book club. I did not count any Dickens or Twain. I know these are classics and important works but both these writers make me itchy and stabby and I have never gone beyond a few chapters. NOW you can go ahead and judge me. I don’t even care.

Colleen and I both remember loving A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I don’t even recall what grade I read it in. She had the super idea of a virtual bookclub with the four of us. My mom found my old copy – it has my older sisters name in it. Don’t tell her I have it still. I probably was supposed to return it back in 1990 or something. SHARING IS CARING BIG SIS!

A Separate Peace | Bittersweetsusie

We aren’t doing anything formal, just reading it and maybe chatting online about it book when we have time, message board style. I tried a real book club once. Fail. Fail.

Holy crap you guys, we might need to find some GILMORE girls FAN FIC. She ends up with Jess. Luke is you STEPFATHER! Suki for President. Or it might just be poorly written and awkwardly pervy.

ALSO, pause, side note if you WILL I was listening to the Nerdist and Lauren Graham was the guest and she was talking about her book Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel and how is being optioned for a TV show… on the CW!

Gilmore Girls | Bittersweet Susie

WOOO This is amazing news! This is the Yayas! next books club selection (executive decision made – sorry/not sorry) On the podcast Chris Hardwick kept bringing up how she refused to go on a date with him years back. Multiple times. This pleased me. DUH CHRIS – You are NO LUKE!

The End!


• Watch every episode of Gilmore Girls

• Logan, Dean, Or Jess – and Why?

• Christopher or Luke – Why?  You are wrong the answer is always LUKE

• Please check out the Rory Gilmore Reading list here – let me know how you scored in the comments below!

• Have you ever been in a book club? How did that work out for you? Tell me your book club tips please! I need them!