4th Annual Pie-Athon! WAFFLE PIE!! – A Vintage Recipe Test

Happy summer everyone! And happy 4th Annual Pie-A-thon. This is the longest relationship I have ever been in!

4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie

I know I have mostly (completely) neglected this blog but the vintage recipe tests are really all anyone (Paula & Mom) care about so help me dust off those moth balls and let’s make some pie.

If you remember last year’s 3rd Annual PIE A THON then you remember that this is dangerous game we play around here. Participants submit a recipe and then are assigned a recipe that was turned in by a fellow blogger. Last year I drew the short stick and was given a pie with FISH in it. Please check it out again to see the torture I put my friends through when doing these recipe exchanges.

BUT luck was on my side this year, or at least at first glance it was, when I got my assignment of Waffle Pie. WAFFLE PIE! No fish! No organ meats! No hard to find ingredients!

This is what Poppy Crocker wrote on the recipe she submitted for the exchange:

Hi There!
These recipes are from Who’ll Do the Dishes?, compiled and published by Columbus Alumnae of Kappa Alpha Theta in April, 1960. I thought the idea for Waffle Pie sounded bonkers, but it might be good if you really love crust. That recipe mentions various possible fillings, but the one for butterscotch filling was right by it in the book, so I attached that one.
Whoever gets this, if you’re interested in seeing more about the book where I found this recipe, see Recipes that call for humility.
Good luck!
Poppy Crocker
Go check her post about this cook book. High brow recipes for the time with low brow grammar and spelling. I also found it very interesting that the recipes were not your usual casseroles of the day, the dump and cook of all the canned things on the shelves that were new and popular. I also LOVE that each recipe is hand written. Bunny and Mary Lou will be providing us with our recipe’s today.
HERE is the recipe we are going to tackle this year:
First – there is so much butter in this that I am pretty optimistic about how GOOD it is going to turn out. Second – I am not supposed to eat butter, or flour anymore (I blow up like a hot air balloon and have a strong urge to lay on the floor when I do) but hey ANYTHING FOR THE PIE A THON! And Third – I do not own a waffle iron. None of my 20 roommates own a waffle iron. MY MOTHER DOES NOT OWN A WAFFLE IRON!
I bought a brand new one for this project and was excited to get started! (for once with a vintage recipe)
Since there wasn’t a specific recipe for the crust I went to my GO TO lady on the inter webs for all recipes – Smitten Kitchen –  She has NEVER let me down!
She has a similar love for butter, and this recipe has 1 1/2 STICKS! And I will let you know now that I made the recipe as she posted, but split it into two discs. One disc was PLENTY and I made 4 dough layers from it – I have the second disc in the freezer for a rainy day or a midnight snack.
I am not going to do the step by step with the pie dough – instead go to the post linked. She gives excellent instructions and I will just muck it up. I will enforce that your butter, shortening, vodka (YES THERE IS VODKA IN THE CRUST) and water need to be ICE COLD. Trust me!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Assemble the dough, divide it and wrap in plastic wrap and toss it in the freezer while you go to make your filling. This waffle pie can be layered with ANYTHING but I was provided with a butterscotch recipe so I stuck with that PLUS I have never made butterscotch before. FUN.
Did you know that butterscotch is essentially brown sugar and MORE BUTTER. Obviously this is going to be delish.
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Make your filling of choice and when it is nice and thick transfer it into a container that you can put into the fridge. I like to strain my fillings to get out any sugar or bits of egg that maybe didn’t get blended. Set on the counter to cool to room temp before putting into the fridge. This is a great desert to make a ahead as long as you assemble the pieces right before serving.
Next get out one of your pie discs from the freezer. I preheated my waffle iron and sprayed it with Pam. I wasn’t really sure if this was going to work but that is half the fun, right?
I divided the dough into fourths and put some flour on my handy mat to help rolling it out. As I have mentioned on previous challenges I REALLY HATE PIE DOUGH. I have never made it well and rolling it out always ruins it. So far this dough recipe was super easy.
This Bunny chick was a GENIUS with her idea of sticking the dough in the waffle iron. Why have I never done this before?!?! All my pies HENSFORTH will be made this way!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Mine ended up taking 8 mins to cook each disk. I would check your first one every 4 mins. You will prob smell it burning if you went to far with it.
I let these bad boys cool and then packed them in a tupperware with paper towels.
My friends and recipe testers were kind enough to have me over for dinner and willing to try this CREATION.
When I got there Lisa had SNACKS waiting!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
and drinks!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
I’m a one and DONE kind of girl so after this ruby perfection I was brave enough to bring out this year’s pie!
First we needed to assemble
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Start with a dough layer for the base then alternate filling with dough.
She isn’t going to win any beauty contests…
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Lisa is the best assistant EVER!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
Romantic candle light sets the mood…
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
On to the TASTE TEST!!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
This is Lizette’s first year testing for the Pie A Ton. Rafa survived last year’s FISH PIE and has come back for more.
RAFA: Oh wow, it starts off as desert and finishes off as breakfast.
LIZ: Magical creamy textured goodness here
LISA: All that’s missing here is some fried chicken.
SUSIE: Tastes like maple syrup.
LIZ: This is like funnel cake’s DAD!
LISA: Too bad JOSH isn’t here……
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
The verdict is that THIS IS A SMASHING success. It is pretty ugly and falls apart the minute you attempt to cut into it. Eating it family style was the way to go. (the homemade whipped cream I topped it with didn’t hurt either!)
We are already planning a birthday celebration for the girls featuring a Butterscotch Waffle Pie as well as a Banana Cream one. Of course, there will be fried chicken!
4th Annual Pie A Ton | Bittersweet Susie
The Pie a thon is my absolute favorite! Thank you so much for checking it out. YOU HAVE TO let me know if you try to make this pie! Send me photos! And a scoop of pie!
The BEST part about this is getting to see what other funny & creative bloggers post about – so here are the other participants in this year’s bake off: (please check back here – there are 12 of us participating and the links will be updated as soon as their entries are posted)

Cheese Meringue Pie at Food and Wine Hedonist

Waffle Pie at Bittersweet Susie

Chicken Sausage Pies at Dinner is Served 1972

Apple Cheese Pie at A Book of Cookrye

Lemon Raisin Pie at Dr. Bobb’s Kitschen

Nutty Caramel Pies at Grannie Pantries

Vintage Apple Pie at Recipes 4 Rebels

Rum Pie at Silverscreen Suppers

Torta di Pisatchhio at Battenburgbelle

Fluffy Lime Pie at Retro Food for Modern Times

Angel Pie at Vintage Recipe Cards

PS: I like you SOOOOOO much!









3rd Annual PIE A THON – Star Gazy Pie – A Vintage Recipe Test

I have been neglecting you dear blog. I don’t have any excuse other than I have just felt very unfunny lately. No-one wants to hear vague complaining and passive aggressive sadness – That’s what Facebook is for.

Luckily, I have the lovely Pie A Thon to drop kick my butt back into it. Nothing is funnier than watching people you care about eat something from a long forgotten mid-century recipe that never should have been made in the first place! I do that AND THEN take photos of it for everyone to cherish.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

I was assigned Star Gazy Pie – 1954 – Pan Am Airways

Along with a little background info –

This is from The Complete Round-the-World Cookbook, published by Pan Am Airways in 1954 (the cover’s not as interesting as the route map they used for the end papers so that’s what I’m sending). They had their various employees get recipes from everywhere Pan Am sent planes to and compiled them into a book, sorting them all by country. This is from the UK chapter. 

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

So, I was excited. My eyes read BACON and then stopped. Literally just DID NOT SEE ANY OTHER PART OF THE RECIPE.

You guys, there is fish in it. I do not DO fish. I seem to get ASSIGNED fish fairly often though *cough Vincent Price Cook-along cough*. 

Who was I going to get to try said pie? Where was I going to buy this little fishy ingredient? HOW AM I GOING TO TOUCH FISH. My dad, being the most helpful, told me that I could go try to catch them off the dock in Oxnard. Swell, And for those of you who are not familiar with this little California seaside town, eating anything caught off the dock in Oxnard MAAAYYYY not be the greatest idea. Because of this Magic/barftastic ingredient I totally put the whole thing off until the day before it was due. Ahhh, high school memories.

I did have ONE friend who agreed to eat it! “I like mackerel!” He said! “I will still be your friend even AFTER I eat the pie!” He said! “I will eat the WHOLE THING!” He said! I should have gotten that in WRITING. Remind me that for the next recipe exchange, will ya? You’re a peach.

Before we dive in to the whole recipe, cooking show, barf reaction shots I need to confess something to you. I didn’t find the mackerel. I only went to ONE STORE the day I needed to cook it and they just didn’t have it. I was kinda HOPING they wouldn’t and I did ask (and received a WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT face from the butcher) so I had to substitute it with Cod. To me having to cook ANY fish is gross. I am sure the cod is LESS GROSS in the world of fish but as I am typing this to you right now I can smell hint of fish lingering in the air and I just do not care for it. Cooking fish is my kryptonite. Bleh. I also didn’t find Tarragon Vinegar. Can someone please enlighten me to whether this product is still made and WHAT you would want it for.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

So the recipe called for tarragon vinegar. They did not have that so I made a bootleg version that prob didn’t even do anything flavor wise. Ladies and gentleman – dried tarragon in white vinegar. I am sure if I did my homework ahead of time and actually let this steep for more than the 15 mins I had it going it might resemble this ingredient but homework is hard. Such a slacker!

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Butter and add half of the recipes allotment of breadcrumbs to a casserole dish. No specification as to what size so I used this pyrex. I also used some parchment paper because NO FISH IS GOING TO TOUCH THIS PAN, ya dig? Also maybe this is a grand time to preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

Vintage recipe test featuring PIE - a recipe exchange

Next, the best part of all the vintage recipes. Butter. Glorious butter.

Vintage recipe test featuring PIE - a recipe exchange

I have the butter going and THEN I remembered I wanted to cook the bacon first, you know to get all the bacon goodness on to the evil fish. So…

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

I put the bacon INTO the melted butter. Evil genius/total idiot. Cook the bacon sort of ( half cook it because you are gonna dry it all to hell when it goes into the oven FOREVER). I love you bacon.

THEN lightly brown the fish (I used cod – pretend it’s THE OTHER FISH)

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Then chop some parsley – and add your spices and salt and pepper. WARNING: I should have SKIPPED the salt in this step. They asked for a lot! Not totally sure why all of a sudden I decided to be a rule follower. Too much fucking salt.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Put the fish in your dish!
3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Add the remaining breadcrumbs. Seems like too many breadcrumbs.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon
Mix egg yolks with the “tarragon” vinegar. Everyone gets in the pool.
3rd Annual Pie A Thon 3rd Annual Pie A Thon

I made the dough in the food processor. I hate making pie dough. HAAATTTE –  usually I cheat and buy one. See examples here and here for past pie dough crimes.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

I hate you too rolling pin. HATE.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

This beast is ready to go into the oven for 1 3/4 hours. Yea. Almost 2 hours to just really DRY THE PISS out of it. Also, look how damn festive I am.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

We also had this plan B, plus sausages. Don’t look at me like that.3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Family dinner is set. Clearly we made other things and are not relying on this pie to sustain us.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

This is Jeff. She is forced to wait in the yard while we do our scientific experiments!

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

In a surprise turn of events everyone took a little to try. Two of these lovely people are essentially vegan but were willing to try it for the cause/blog.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Josh: Tastes Scandinavian (I’m Norwegian) Tastes Minnesotian – It’s really good with ketchup.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Stefania: (who is normally vegan!) BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHH

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Tony: It’s VERY British – Lemon makes it a little better. If it was bacon & egg OR bacon & fish it would work. One of the ingredients isn’t playing together.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Lisa: Agreed! (with tony)

3rd Annual Pie A ThonRafa: Second bite was the seasoned bit.

Josh: (Whispering) Try it with ketchup.

Lisa: It’s VERY salty.

Rafa: You all sound very British right now.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Susie: (I don’t usually try these experiments) It’s fine, it’s edible.

Josh: I like it!

We didn’t give any to Jeff, even though she seemed interested.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Verdict: So very dry, so very salty, but edible. The bacon helped but the lack of moisture plus the ton of breadcrumbs ruined this dish. Josh liked it and requested the recipe. I always think I make these things wrong in the end.

3rd Annual Pie A Thon
I love doing these recipe exchanges! Please check out what my fellow explorers had to cook up!

3rd Annual Pie A Thon

Thanks for stopping by friends – here is your homework:

• Would YOU make this pie?

• What makes this a pie? The crust?

• Do you have a recipe that everyone hates but that you love with ketchup?

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Gobble Gobble

I totally cancelled Thanksgiving this year. Skipping it. I had this romantic ideal of getting in the car and going on a spontaneous road trip, eating Thanksgiving at a truck stop but then I remembered that I REALLY like stuffing. And Pie. And Gravy. DAMMNIT – Thanksgiving is back on!

Plus dear friends, I promised you the annual Thanksgiving playlist, and I hate to go back on a promise.

Why wait any longer – here is the Bittersweet Susie 2015 Playlist!

And for those of you cooking all day – here is a compilation of THREE YEARS of Thanksgiving playlist tunes. You know who loves you, right??

Thanksgiving Cooking Marathon

If you subscribe to my spotify channel you get get access to these playlists BEFORE they get posted to the blog. VIP ALL THE WAY.

I also have a Vintage Recipe test for you all – it’s a good one! And not in a SO BAD IT’S GOOD – but a “this is tasty and easy and thank you recipe writer from 1962.”

My mother has one of those little brand advertising recipe pamphlets from the early 60’s that she has had as long as I can remember. She hides it so none of us kids can “borrow” it. There are some recipes in there that we will accept NO SUBSTITUTE – they are the base for a lot of family celebrations and fond childhood memories.

I think a lot of these little pamphlets were considered freebees and throwaways but a lot of great recipes and artwork are in these little suckers. I have quite a collection going for me. But this ONE Eagle Brand my mom has is no where to be found. The hunt shall continue.

I needed to make a Pumpkin Pie for our office potluck. I picked out some fancy pants epicurious recipe – which I am sure would have been FAB but also contained 87 ingredients and an equal number of steps. My mom, being the smartest lady on the planet said “Fuck That!” and gave me a photo copy of a Pumpkin Pie recipe from her magical Eagle Brand book. Moms are the BEST, wouldn’t you agree?

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Magic Pumpkin Pie

(Makes one 9-inch pie)

  • 1 unbaked 9 inch pastry shell
  • 2 cups canned pumpkin
  • 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

In a large-sized bowl, blend together all ingredients. Turn into shell. Bake in moderate (375 degrees) over 50-55 minutes or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool. Refrigerate at least 1 hour.


Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

The main ingredients are canned pumpkin and a whole can of sweetened condenced milk. I am already slightly concerned BUT my coworkers are good sports (they have tested a vintage recipe for me before) so I continue on.

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Looking a little better. I didn’t have all those spices separately so I just dumped a heap of pumpkin pie spice in there. Clearly this is an exact science.

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

That’s more like it…

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

A word about crust. I hate it. I find traditional pie crust to be a complete waste of butter and I am not interested in rolling anything out with a rolling pin. Fuck. That. I cheated and bought a frozen crust.


Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Bittersweet Susie - Thanksgiving 2015

Looks good to me!

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Pie cooling on this awesome window ledge that I am convinced was designed SPECIFICALLY for this task. And on to the test:

My coworkers are brave souls- really! And totally game with the vintage recipe tests. I ask my subjects to be brutally honest. Some have no problem while others don’t like hurting my feelings. DO IT FOR SCIENCE PEOPLE.

Ashley: “I really like it.” REALLY? “Yea, it’s really good. I wouldn’t change a thing”

Karli: Reminds me of sweet ground – the depth of the flavors.

Ali : *having it with Reddi Whip* “hmmmmm a lot of spice, which I really like – but not overwhelming. It’s kinda fluffy. It’s good, it’s one of the most flavorful pumpkin pies I have ever had.”

Danielle: “It’s really good – and tell them I’m fat so I should know!”

Gretchen: “This is really good. I am normally not a huge fn of pumpkin pie but I would eat this for sure!”

Lori: (surprised) “It’s good! It’s really good! It tastes as good as a store bought pie but it isn’t as dry. It tastes whipped!”

Holly: “It’s deliciouso!”

Kevin: “It was good but I am not the best person to ask – I use it primarily as a whip cream delivery system.”

I tried it too folks, I was skeptical and I am PICKY about desserts, and it WAS GOOD. It took 5 mins to whip up and then bake. hands down the easiest dessert I have ever made. I hope this helps you if you need a last minute dessert to take to your Aunt Martha’s house. I promise not to tell her you didn’t make the crust.


If you would like to see past Thanksgiving posts check out 2013 and 2014 here. Please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post (when I remember to post)


I am certainly thankful for you readers and friends! Have a great weekend.


You still have homework though:

• What is your parent’s or grandparent’s go to cookbook?

• Do you have a dish that is your favorite family tradition for Thanksgiving?

• What are your kitchen tricks you don’t tell anyone about?


Pieathon! Vintage recipe swap!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been away!

I have been busy with a new job and things! All is well – I promise!

I am so happy to come back with an awesome recipe test (along with some rad fellow bloggers).

Onto the PIEATHON!!


We each had to submit a vintage recipe – and were give one in return.

One of my FAVORITE blogs Silverscreen Suppers got mine! Check it out!

The assignment I was given was Blueberry Cream Pie from Good Housekeeping’s Party Pie Book (1958)

Luckily this seemed like a simple recipe. I had great plans to make this mid week and to shoot some friends enjoying said pie and that just didn’t happen. I worked the Pinupgirl Clothing Yard sale and shit got crazy. Literally people were acting crazy! (but that is another post for another time)

Here is the recipe I was given:



I gathered my ingredients and just replaced the whipping cream with cool whip – That’s fine, right? I am tired and will have to do. I also got a pre-made crust. God bless AMERICA!


Make the jello instant pudding per recipe directions, you don’t use as much milk because you are going for a custard filling. Then you fold in some whip cream – or in my case – COOL WHIP!

   Blueberry Cream Pie from Good Housekeeping’s Party Pie Book (1958)

You think that’s enough? I may need to test it!


Then you make the pie filling. I used fresh berries because it is summertime here! Lemon zest always makes everything better!


I pulled the pie crust from the over and the damn thing steamed up my lens!


Put the filling in the crust! Just give me a spoon!


Carefully (it’s hot!) pour the fruit filling on top! Place back in fridge to SET!


So – I did this LATE last night and have no one to test the pie. I am going to take it to work and update the post later!

I am going to take it to work and make my CO-workers partake. I hope I don’t kill them!

I know – I AM SUCH a procrastinator!

Don’t forget to come back and check how this pie came out! There will be an update in this post TONIGHT!


I brought the pie into my office for my lovely coworkers! They were brave but also utterly starving! (lunch was over 2 hours late and the natives were getting restless)

Holly : Your pie ROCKS!

Ali : Can definitely taste the lemon – more than the blueberry. It’s good but overwhelming. It’s more custard with blueberries.

Justine : Exactly what she said. A little too mushy for my taste.

Lori : I liked it – it was very Jello-tastic!

Susie (ME) : It tastes like nothing (I ate the whole piece though)

Gretchen : It tastes really familiar. . . I can taste the vanilla. It would be good with a cheesecake base. A little thicker and not so pudding like.

Talia : It had a weird aftertaste. You can taste the fakeness!

The Verdict: I agree it would be better without the crust and just served as a custard. It did not hold its shape well when cut. I may have used a little too much lemon in the sauce and I used fresh blueberries. Frozen may have had a more concentrated flavor. With all that and the reviews being said the general consensus was it was a nice cool treat on a really hot afternoon. It took less than 15 minutes to make and used very easy ingredients. I would totally recommend this for a festive BBQ – especially for someone who doesn’t bake a lot. Thanks so much lady friends for helping me! You are the best!

Office pie eating realness:

Bittersweet Susie | Pie A Thon

Please check out my fellow Pie-a-thon mates below! Recipe swaps are my favorite!

Vincent Price COOKALONG

Why hello my dears. Halloween is OVER! I was such a spoiled sport about it this year. Usually it is my FAVORITE. I think I have now decided no pants SUMMERS are my favorite, and anything coconut flavored. Spoiled sport or NOT the Halloween fun just doesn’t fucking stop here at the Bittersweet Susie Headquarters. No it does NOT.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Jenny – over at Silver Screen Suppers & Vincentennial Cookblog decided to included a few of us blogger frands on this wonderful Halloween adventure of testing out some of Mr. Price’s INFAMOUS RECIPES. (duh duh duh – lightning crash and scary crash effects now) She assigned us each a recipe and we has a due date to get this little project done. Let me repeat that last bit SHE ASSIGNED US THE RECIPE. The woman gave me CAROLINA DEVILED CLAMS. %$&#*#(*Q@)_)#. Ewwwwww. What the crap IS that anyways?

When I test these vintage recipes I need someone else to try them for me. One so I can photograph then and TWO because I like to maybe slightly torture my loved ones but this shit is going to end badly and all these people are never speak to me again I KNOW IT.


Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Start with the BUTTER – ‘cuz DUHHHHHHH

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Oh MAH GAHHHWWDDDDD – So it said 2 dozen medium clams. Kids – I live in the valley, not too near any oceans (405 traffic is BAD MAN) where the crap am I going to get CLAMS. Canned it is!

I just scooped some of this out. I closed my eyes.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Those crumbs are Ritz Crackers – Nothing but the best!

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

The recipe says Tabasco – they spelled Crystal wrong.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

My dear friend Molly had her annual Pumpkin Party! And my Bad Ass Knit Club was there. They were all champs and agreed to take one for the team for the love of Retro Recipes, Vincent Price, Halloween, and the USA.

There were also some Knit club parents in attendance – I have put their reactions on their photos:

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie
(click to jump to the Flickr page – it’s worth the big file) Katie says: It’s not for me – No offense.

On to the Parents – who honestly, are way cooler than us anyways:

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

(and look at this outfit – VINTAGE, Leather, I am stealing it – MEOOOWWW)

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Loved – Took the rest home (first retro recipe attempt I DIDN’T THROW AWAY)

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

So this was definitely a GENERATIONAL thing. The parents were like yea this tastes fine. There were a couple that really enjoyed it. While us “kids” (and yes we are in our 30s and we are STILL GOING TO SIT AT THE DAMN KIDS TABLE) were a bit more fearful of the very exotic casserole like dish.

Crackers INDEED.

And to be very fair – the food at this pumpkin party was OVER THE TOP and DIVINE. Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown butter, A pumpkin cocktail that would fuck Dumbledore up, Caramel Apples, and homemade pupusas. The poor canned clams didn’t stand a chance.

And maybe if you are nice Molly will invite you next year. But probably not.

I cannot wait to see what my fellow adventures in Vintage cuisine have come up with. DO NOT MISS macabre culinary adventures:

Make sure you check in with Jenny – She is the Keymaster (or the Gate keeper – which one was Sigourney Weaver?) Over at:

Silver Screen Suppers & Vincentennial Cookblog

Jenny of Silver Screen Suppers – Oxtail Creole

Michael of Michael MacMahon – Chicken in Vermouth
Saucy Cherie – Liver Risotto
A couple of extras…
Cathy of Battenburg Belle also made the Pumpkin Pie
Ruth of Mid Century Menu also made version 2 of Vincent’s Bloody Mary and his Pumpkin Pie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

The Vincent Price PUMPKIN PIE was also Made  – but this post was going to be 8 miles long if I included it – so you will have to come back tomorrow, but would that be so bad?

You know you like me. Stop resisting.


• Will you make this dish?

• Who had the best reaction?

• What is your favorite Vincent Price ANYTHING?


Hello Everyone! How are things? Oh, that sounds nice…

Have I told you all about one of my most FAVORITE BLOGS EVER? I haven’t? Well how very rude of me. Please forgive me friends, I know not what I do. The Mid Century Menu is pretty much the single greatest idea for a blog, EVER. Retro Ruth is the keeper of a treasure trove of Mid Century cookbooks and Recipes. Along with featuring the great artwork, kitschy titles, wacky ingredients, and eBay listings so readers can start their own collection she also has started to make one vintage recipe a week. Really. She tries a vintage, cray, holy shit that looks gross, no thank you I am full recipe EVERY WEEK and then makes her husband Tom try it first. I am PRETTY sure he is a willing participant. She is all sorts of awesome – I wouldn’t say no to her EITHER. Please head over there and check it out, you will not regret it! Oh maybe wait an hour after a big meal? LIKE SWIMMING!

When I saw the opportunity to participate in a gelatin vintage recipe test I JUMPED for a chance to play. If Lance Bass offered you his spot on the 110 second Nsync reunion tour, you would take it, RIGHT? DUH! (that was some crap JUSTIN STAGE HOG MOVING ON)

The participants and I were given some rules, cause Mid Century cooking means BUSINESS:

It’s Knox Apocalypse Part II, and you have been chosen to take part! Here are the rules:
2. Recipes should be from your own collection
3. Original pictures of the recipe aren’t required, but are preferred!
4. It MUST contain gelatin in some form.
Here are the other WONDERFUL participants – I am putting them up top because I have a feeling this post is going to be wordy! GO CHECK THEM OUT YO!
Emily – Olive Wreath Mold
Erica – Betty Davis’s Mustard Ring
Brian – Maple Fluff
Mimi – Molded Avocado and Tuna
Jenny – Turkey In Aspic
Ruth – Pickle and Pineapple Salad
I am stoked to be in this lineup – all these blogs rock my socks, bookmark this shit ASAP.
How this worked: We each sent Ruth a recipe and then she scrambled them up and divided them out! I was really nervous during the in between that my VERY WORST FEAR EVER IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WOULD COME TRUE:


You guys, if i get tuna – I WILL FOR SURE BARF. This is serious! I waited, stomach in knots! Finally, the email came:

NOT TUNNNAAAAA! But Holy crap, this looks EXTRA GROSS TOO.

Knoxapocalypse | Bittersweet Susie

Ok – what the HELL is nonfat dry milk – GAG – BLEH! And VERY RIPE Cantaloupe! SUPER! Can’t wait.

So confession time friends, I hate jello. I won’t really eat it (and by really I mean EVER) but I LOVE making it. I feel like I am doing science experiments or potions or something. Maybe if I say some magic words this will come out of my jello mold in one piece!

Deep breaths – pep talk – theme song? I think this FOR SURE calls for a theme song:

OH JUST KIDDING (but if you have not watched that yet you go ahead and treat YOURSELF)


Let’s DO THIS!

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

I washed off my Tupperware Jello mold set. This was my mom’s and she was slightly amused to see it being put to use. We both appreciate the design of the jello molds, just wish it wasn’t so GROSS AND JIGGLY. Mom’s memories of jello’s of her youth – cabbage, green peppers, and PIMENTOS floating in JELLO – it was GROSS!

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

The recipe calls for a whole extremely ripe cantaloupe. This spells T R O U B L E from the start. Mine was ripe enough. My apologies for wasting you you gorgeous thing you. You went for a good cause though. God Speed.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

Mash with fork. KISS MY ASS. SMASH with awesome potato masher. HULK SMASSSHHHHHHHHH.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

Right? I would be here all damn night with a fork. Stupid.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

Add gelatin to cold water to soften. The store had knox. I was under the misconception that Knox was no more but the knox was three times as much as the generic so KROGER it is friends. Only the best for you because I love you. No one is going to eat this anyways.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

Now you have something that looks like Slimer might have left it behind. Quick, get a toaster, play it some tunes and let’s see if it dances!

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

OK, so i added the gelatin to the smashed cantaloupe and then heated it up, it’s not smelling great because warm cantaloupe is NOT its natural habitat. Then let it cool to watch it thicken. It never really thickened. Hrmmmmm.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

And now: the worst part. Non fat dry milk. What is this stuff for? Who invented it? Why does it still exist? I have so many questions! I added non fat dry milk, water, lemon juice, and vanilla and was instructed to whip it into a frenzy until it formed stiff peaks. THAT. NEVER. HAPPENED. Not even little bunny hills. It just smelled like baby spit up. Not a fan. BLEH.

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

It all was “folded” together, which didn’t really work because the fluffy milk part was a syrupy failure. I swirled it around and prayed to sweet baby jesus AMEN. I was STOKED it actually fit in the mold. WOOO. Small victories.


Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse

It smells like cantaloupe and sweet milk (baby spit up if you ask me). My dad was the VERY brave soul who was going to try this. He says he LIKES things like fruit cocktail, jello, SPAM, liver and onions which he never gets because my mom cooks awesome things like fancy salad with kale and home make dressing and lovely roast chicken. Maybe if he is lucky Santa will bring him some nice Vienna Sausages in a can for Christmas this year!

Ok Dad… You Ready??

Bittersweet Susie | Knoxapocalypse | Dad the test Subject

HE LOVES IT! BARFFFFF! (click on this to see it bigger – worth it)

Dad: “Tastes like the cantaloupe was over ripe – that’s the problem with it…”

Me: “Not the other crap it was floating in?”

Mom: “The only good thing about jello is JELLO SHOTS.” (clearly the voice of reason in this family)

Participating in this challenge was AWESOME! I really want to try more vintage recipes but I think I would have to find a new test audience every time. That, or I would have to keep my dad’s wine glass very full.

Thanks for sticking around for that EXTREMELY long post! I really like you guys.

Homework: (comment below)

• Do you have a vintage recipe you have always wanted to try?

• Do you have family recipe that you LOVE but might be kind of GROSS by modern standards?

• What is your stance on things floating in gelatin?

• How awesome are my parents?