Vinyl Wednesday

Hi there! looking to get over the HUMP of this week? Have NO FEAR for I am here with a random selection from my record collection.

I have given in to my obsessive compulsive ways recently and started to catalog my vinyl music collection. I noticed that over half my stuff is almost completely unlistenable, not because they are scratched but because they are just odd. I like to buy records for the artwork, the weirder the better. I try to only shop in dollar bins – save for that certain special record I cannot leave behind. Thrift stores that charge $10 for a Johnny Mathis album makes me snort and laugh. Pro tip: Johnny Mathis albums are EVERYWHERE. Never pay more than a buck, not like you would want them in the first place. I think the Johnny Mathis fan base has died off and unleashed his music out there to the record bins. I usually find 1 to every 4 records flipped through.

The bulk of my collection is actually children’s records. They are still making new records but not the kid’s stuff, lame right? I started with a small collection passed down from my older brother and sis and never stopped hoarding them. Some of those records were passed down to them and by the time they came to me they were very well-loved. I rocked all these on my brown Fischer Price record player that STILL WORKS!

Today’s selection is:

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday

 Album: Shari Lewis and Wing Ding , Charlie Horse, Lamb Chop Sing!

Year: 1958

Bought: Random record store

Price: 99 cents!

Ooooh the entire record is on Spotify

The album is pretty decent. Shari has a wonderful voice – give it a shot.

I LOOOVE Shari Lewis. My little sis, Trish, and I got this VHS tape called “101 Things For Kids To Do”  and it was the greatest thing EVER. It was like a craft book or a pinterest page came to life – WITH PUPPETS! I am sure we wore it out. *UPDATE: Thanks Bryan for finding this link  – THE ENTIRE VIDEO FRIENDS!

The Shari Lewis Show

Hush Puppy is my favorite – and this is the hair style of my dreams


  • Do you collect records?
  • What are your favorites?
  • Favorite record stores?
  • Favorite Shari Lewis ANYTHING?

Come back next week to see some more vinyl. I cannot promise there won’t be clowns. Come back anyways, yea?