Greetings Earthlings – 2015 Halloween Playlist is here!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Halloween is here again and so am I! I know I have been gone, and I am so sorry, but let’s not dwell, ok?

This season has landed right in my lap in a blur! It was summer and I blinked and it is the end of October already. Man I sound like my Grandma. Awesome.

I have been busy with adventures with friends, work, moving (still in the process of THAT one) but I have come back to bring you the eagerly awaited 2015 Bittersweet Susie Halloween Playlist !

Whew! You thought I was going to forget all about it, didn’t you?

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

And to add to your spooky listening pleasure, Halloween Playlists from years past:

Halloween 2014

Swingin’ at the Seance

I also had the pleasure of being part of my FAVORITE event of the season, the Anaheim Halloween Parade

My friends and I got to be part of the Flying Sasser, a float recreated from 1953! you can read more about it here

1953 Anaheim Halloween Sasser

1953 Anaheim Halloween Sasser

The Sasser crew decided to GLAM up our uniforms with the Voodoo Vixen Dress in Green from Pinupgirl Clothing

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Fabian and Daniel Manning the SASSER in this year’s parade!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Charles Phoenix taking a spin on Amber’s Rocket!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

The Anaheim Halloween Parade has been a home grown tradition since 1924! It is run, built, and manned by volunteers who love the Halloween Spirit and have pride in all the greatness that is Anaheim. The parades are walking (or rolling) pieces of art, many that have been painstakingly created from parades in years past. This was my first time getting to be in the parade, which was so fun. The down side was I didn’t get to actually WATCH the parade! Maybe next year I will put on my running shoes and try to be in it AND capture all the floats and wonderful folks.

Check out my photos of rollin’ with the Sasser Crew!

I still don’t have a Halloween Costume – surprise surprise so if anyone out there would like to let me borrow something that would be SWELL!

Come back soon – I may have a tasty (or totally gross) recipe post up my sleeve!


  • What are your last minute Halloween costume ideas for me?
  • What are your favorite events of the season?
  • What is the number one candy you are going to steal from the kids?

Vinyl Wednesday

Hi Friends,

It’s the return of Vinyl Wednesday. Let’s not even talk about the last time we had one, ok? Thanks for your understanding.

 I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I have quite a few interesting little collections. Little collections that turned into huge ones and now I have no place to keep them. Hoarder problems. My favorite collection is my children’s records. These started with some hand me down records from my older siblings that I used to rock/wreck on my brown Fischer Price record player. Some of these were second hand to them so by the time it got to me they were pretty thrashed.

The lines and memories have blurred as to which ones were my brother’s and sister’s from ones that were given to me to ones I have bought, sometimes in triplicate. I just can’t leave a kiddie record behind if the price is right.

The Disneyland Records are the jewels of my collection. My top favorites are movie soundtracks and ride soundtracks.

I still have a few missing from my collection. Feel free to contact me to donate your old records to my quest.

Today my very special pick is Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I feel this film falls under the radar and out of the popular eye because there are no damn princesses in it. That is ludicrous! This is the BEST KIND of story for kids to get into – adventure, make believe, underwater adventures, WITCHCRAFT which was a particular fascination of mine when I was a kid (what that is TOTALLY normal) SOMEONE GET ME A MAGIC BED-KNOB STAT!

Yay witchcraft and musical numbers:

When the Disney Archive exhibit was at the Ronald Reagan Library I got to SEE the actual Bedknob. Dreams really do come true, sometimes.

WAY better than Little Mermaid:

A bonus is that most the adventure in this movie takes place while they are all lounging on a bed, my dream come true.

And look: I found the album for you, so convenient!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Plus it is written by the SHERMAN BROTHERS – whom can do no wrong in my eyes.

Thanks for coming back to me for the reunion tour of Vinyl Wednesday – I will try not to make my absence a thing. Just to be safe you should subscribe!


• What do you collect?

• Favorite under the radar kids movie?

Singin’ in The Rain – It’s Friday

Oh friends, It is STORMWATCH 2014 here in Southern California. Scary shit. We are supposed to get more rain than we have had in 3 YEARS! Everybody FREAK OUT! So far it has been a bit lackluster as far as mother nature has been in the past. I am not complaining. Any rain is good rain here but I would like one good daylight DOWNPOUR.

This horrifying weather (the sun just fucking came out) guided me to our FUCK YEA FRIDAY YouTube extravaganza!

We are all (or I hope you are) familiar with the Gene Kelly “Singin’ In the Rain” – but did you know it was in a film earlier?

Here is Cliff Edwards – also know as Ukulele Ike – in The Hollywood Revue of 1929

Right? How amazing is that? Does his voice sound familiar? IT SHOULD. He is none other than Jiminy Cricket!

He is also Jim Crow (I KNOW) in Dumbo – he is the friend in the pink spats – so STYLISH. If he wore some crappy suspenders and a clip on bow tie he would be the belle of Dapper Day.

I think he also may be doing that scat part by our friend in the red beatnik sweater.

Cliff unfortunately led a hard life. He started in vaudeville and was extremely famous! Like heart-throb – or maybe more like comic buddy FAMOUS! He went on to do movies and had popular recordings on through the 1940s – and voice work. A drug and alcohol addiction took him down a different path and he died in the 1970s – in obscurity. I read that Walt Disney was quietly paying for his medical bills and even paid for his headstone. I don’t have that fact checked but it is a nice thought all the same.

Blah I ruined the FUCK YEA vibe – let’s bring it back. Cliff is so charming and talented I dare you

(I FREAKING DAAAARRRRE YOUUU) to not get into some of these clips.

It really get’s going at the end of this one:

Here are some more wonderful YouTubes: They make me want to break out my Ukulele (no really I should – I can play all of one song on it because I DON’T PRACTICE)

“It’s Only a Paper Moon”

With Buster Keaton:

We could be here all day with the treasures of Cliff Edwards out there! I think this is a perfect soundtrack for brightening up a gloomy friday. Celebrate Cliff with listening to a few of his wonderful tunes.

Have a good weekend – visit me again!


• Best/worst thing about the rain? 

• What do you watch or listen to on a gloomy day? I put on BBC’s Pride and Prejudice!

Dance it out

Oh friends

It’s been a bear of a week, sorry for the no post /no-show (I am looking at you BEN) but I am here now.

I need a little pick me up! Here is a bit of a dance party that someone dreamy once showed me, and it always does the trick:

We learned some of these moves in our dance class this week :

And everyone likes to Dance like Annette!