Adventuring – Tiki Oasis 2014

Hello Friends! I actually left the HOUSE! It’s an amazing feat and you should totally pat me on the back. I am not kidding.

 *This post has a ton of photos – I will NOT be mad if you skip to the bottom to see them*

I went on a little adventure to San Diego which is delightful this time a year. I highly recommend it.

The event is Tiki Oasis – a Tiki themed concert, dance party, fashion show, art installment, adult summer camp. Those are my words, not theirs. Please don’t be mad at me if you disagree. My description is crap so I just thought I would SHOW YOU with ALL THE PHOTOS. You are welcome.

I don’t think that I could describe it perfectly or even accurately because this was my very first year. My first impression and the most common answer I gave was that it was OVERWHELMING. There were so many things going on at once so if I was at one end something spectacular going on at the other end of the event.

Tiki Oasis - Beat Tiki - 2014

Go Go dancing babies! NO BIG DEAL!

There were CRAFTS!

There were CRAFTS!

There were book clubs, craft classes, beauty school, live music, burlesque, car show, lectures, DJS and somewhere in the middle my brain just stopped and exploded. Done.

Tiki Oasis - Beat Tiki - 2014

This kid is disappointed in me for missing book club.

I saw a lecture by Rolly Crump – and he gets sweeter and funnier every time I see him speak. He even let me take his photo (I’m sure he think’s I’m a lunatic but I LOVE HIM SO)

Tiki Oasis - Beat Tiki - 2014 - Rolly Crump - Bittersweet Susie

Rolly Crump is a BABE.

Tiki Oasis - Beat Tiki - 2014 - Rolly Crump - Bittersweet Susie

Once upon a long ago I worked at a sleepover summer camp on Catalina Island and over and over I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was back there with our campers. We woke up the camp with music at 9:30 AM too!

My FAVORITE part though was spending time with my friends. The ones far away, the ones close to home and all the new ones in-between. Oh, and I got to wear ALL MY MUUMUUS, that was my second favorite.

KIT – See you next summer!

Tiki Oasis - Beat Tiki - 2014

Everyone makes friends at Tiki Oasis!

 Fest300 did a feature of my photos THE 15 BEST LOOKS FROM TIKI OASIS  – click there to check it out!

* If you see yourself, first let me say THANK YOU for letting me take your photo! You are swell and also really good looking! Feel free to use it on your fb or show it to your mom! (Just please credit me if possible and add me as a friend!)*


• Send me your grandma’s muumuus!

• What is your favorite tropical cocktail?

• If you were a tiki god what would your name be? What would you be the god of?

Vinyl Wednesday

Hi Friends,

It’s the return of Vinyl Wednesday. Let’s not even talk about the last time we had one, ok? Thanks for your understanding.

 I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I have quite a few interesting little collections. Little collections that turned into huge ones and now I have no place to keep them. Hoarder problems. My favorite collection is my children’s records. These started with some hand me down records from my older siblings that I used to rock/wreck on my brown Fischer Price record player. Some of these were second hand to them so by the time it got to me they were pretty thrashed.

The lines and memories have blurred as to which ones were my brother’s and sister’s from ones that were given to me to ones I have bought, sometimes in triplicate. I just can’t leave a kiddie record behind if the price is right.

The Disneyland Records are the jewels of my collection. My top favorites are movie soundtracks and ride soundtracks.

I still have a few missing from my collection. Feel free to contact me to donate your old records to my quest.

Today my very special pick is Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bittersweet Susie | Vinyl Wednesday | Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I feel this film falls under the radar and out of the popular eye because there are no damn princesses in it. That is ludicrous! This is the BEST KIND of story for kids to get into – adventure, make believe, underwater adventures, WITCHCRAFT which was a particular fascination of mine when I was a kid (what that is TOTALLY normal) SOMEONE GET ME A MAGIC BED-KNOB STAT!

Yay witchcraft and musical numbers:

When the Disney Archive exhibit was at the Ronald Reagan Library I got to SEE the actual Bedknob. Dreams really do come true, sometimes.

WAY better than Little Mermaid:

A bonus is that most the adventure in this movie takes place while they are all lounging on a bed, my dream come true.

And look: I found the album for you, so convenient!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Plus it is written by the SHERMAN BROTHERS – whom can do no wrong in my eyes.

Thanks for coming back to me for the reunion tour of Vinyl Wednesday – I will try not to make my absence a thing. Just to be safe you should subscribe!


• What do you collect?

• Favorite under the radar kids movie?

Dance it out

Oh friends

It’s been a bear of a week, sorry for the no post /no-show (I am looking at you BEN) but I am here now.

I need a little pick me up! Here is a bit of a dance party that someone dreamy once showed me, and it always does the trick:

We learned some of these moves in our dance class this week :

And everyone likes to Dance like Annette!