2016 Halloween Playlist!

Bittersweet SusieHi Friends.

I almost forgot to post this years playlist. I didn’t TOTALLY forget, that is a bit of a stretch. I remembered but I just was not into it. I firmly believe that we should have certain big holidays every other year – that way it is like – Yay Halloween I missed your guts SO much – instead of – OH CRAP HALLOWEEN IS NEXT MONDAY!?!?!

I am usually super pumped for Halloween – I do a bunch of posts and take photos of my spooky adventures. I just didn’t this year. I am sorry. I DID decorate the house a little and the roommies humored me with that. “Festive!” “Cute!” “Oh you decorate for EVERY HOLIDAY?” Thanks gang – I appreciate the understanding and support.

I managed go to two of the major theme parks Haunt events – Universal Studios & Knott’s Berry Farms. I had NEVER been to the Universal one before and had not been to Knott’s since *cough* 1998 *cough*.

I was TERRIFIED of these types of things – but this year I was fine. I am either way more brave or so old and bitter I no longer care to be scared. Either way – they are both fun! I felt like I was everyone’s MOM at Universal. So, there was that. And the lines were ridic. What the crap is the purge and why is it EVERYWHERE. If I had to pick one to return to it would HANDS DOWN be Knotts. I love that little park. And the Ghost Town all filled with fog and decorations is pretty much the closest thing you will get to living in a spooky Halloween special of our childhood AND it has Elvira – plus it is half the price – is there even a contest here? We know who the clear winner is.

Bittersweet Susie

I am also most likely NOT going to dress up for Halloween this year. I was never even temped with that idea. Adult Halloween is sometimes just NOT my jam. I do like carving pumpkins! And the smell of a FULL bucket of Halloween candy. It is the best.

As a peace-offering for being the worst blogger ever for the five friends and family members who read this (Hi mom! LOVE YOU) I have two treats for you today!

The 2016 Playlist! AND some crafty fun freebies! Wooooo! Party!

It is time to get crafty because I made you a “Tomb Sweet Tomb” Cross Stitch – AND of you run out of time (like I do every damn year) you can also just download a free printable fakeout – See fellow procrastinators – I GOT YOUR BACK!

Download Tomb Sweet Tomb Freebies HERE!

Bittersweet Susie | Tomb Sweet Tomb


And the most important tradition here at Bittersweet Susie – The 2016 Halloween Playlist!

2016 Halloween Playlist



Don’t forget to check out the posts of HALLOWEEN’S PAST – in case you missed them or you are old like me and FORGOT!

2015 Halloween Playlist 

2014 Halloween Playlist 

Vincent Price Cook-a-long

Swingin’ at the Séance



• What was your favorite Halloween Candy as a kid?

• What was your LEAST favorite?

• Are you dressing up this year??


Greetings Earthlings – 2015 Halloween Playlist is here!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Halloween is here again and so am I! I know I have been gone, and I am so sorry, but let’s not dwell, ok?

This season has landed right in my lap in a blur! It was summer and I blinked and it is the end of October already. Man I sound like my Grandma. Awesome.

I have been busy with adventures with friends, work, moving (still in the process of THAT one) but I have come back to bring you the eagerly awaited 2015 Bittersweet Susie Halloween Playlist !

Whew! You thought I was going to forget all about it, didn’t you?

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

And to add to your spooky listening pleasure, Halloween Playlists from years past:

Halloween 2014

Swingin’ at the Seance

I also had the pleasure of being part of my FAVORITE event of the season, the Anaheim Halloween Parade

My friends and I got to be part of the Flying Sasser, a float recreated from 1953! you can read more about it here

1953 Anaheim Halloween Sasser

1953 Anaheim Halloween Sasser

The Sasser crew decided to GLAM up our uniforms with the Voodoo Vixen Dress in Green from Pinupgirl Clothing

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Fabian and Daniel Manning the SASSER in this year’s parade!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Charles Phoenix taking a spin on Amber’s Rocket!

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

Anaheim Halloween Parade 2015

The Anaheim Halloween Parade has been a home grown tradition since 1924! It is run, built, and manned by volunteers who love the Halloween Spirit and have pride in all the greatness that is Anaheim. The parades are walking (or rolling) pieces of art, many that have been painstakingly created from parades in years past. This was my first time getting to be in the parade, which was so fun. The down side was I didn’t get to actually WATCH the parade! Maybe next year I will put on my running shoes and try to be in it AND capture all the floats and wonderful folks.

Check out my photos of rollin’ with the Sasser Crew!

I still don’t have a Halloween Costume – surprise surprise so if anyone out there would like to let me borrow something that would be SWELL!

Come back soon – I may have a tasty (or totally gross) recipe post up my sleeve!


  • What are your last minute Halloween costume ideas for me?
  • What are your favorite events of the season?
  • What is the number one candy you are going to steal from the kids?

FUCK YEAA! It’s another Halloween Playlists!

Bittersweet Susie | Halloween Playlist 2014

RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns

Friday friday SPPOOOOOKY Friday. One more week until Halloween friends. Over here in casa de bitter I have been hard at work on Christmas projects.

CHRISTMAS PROJECTS! Bleh! It is so horrible and I almost completely skipped over Halloween.

Don’t fret though, I still made you a brand new Halloween Playlist!

Remember last year’s playlist? You can find it here! Play them back to back, on repeat, for all your Halloween activities. It makes great pumpkin carving music. Confuse your trick or treaters by playing weird 1960s monster tunes. THE FUN NEVER ENDS.

Bittersween Susie – Halloween 2014

  1. The Keytones – I Was A Teenage Monster
  2. Billy Taylor – Wombie Zombie
  3. The Duponts – Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall)
  4. Bo Diddley – Bo Meets The Monster
  5. Lorry & The Biters – Frankenstein Stomp
  6. Carl Bonafede – Werewolf
  7. Tyrone A’Saurus – The Monster Twist
  8. Dave Gardner – Mad Witch
  9. The Grim Reapers – Two Souls
  10. Terry Gale – The Voodoo
  11. Ervinna & The Stylers – Witch Queen Of New Orleans
  12. Betty Lavett – Witchcraft In The Air
  13. The Circus – Burn Witch Burn
  14. Miss L. L.Louise Lewis – Monster’s Bride
  15. Larry & The Blue Notes – Night Of The Phantom
  16. Richard Rome – Ghost A Go Go
  17. Leroy Bowman – Graveyard
  18. Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den
  19. The Fabulous Imperials – Moon Beat
  20. Screaming Lord Sutch – Jack the Ripper
  21. Howlin’ Wolf – Howlin’ For My Baby
  22. Carl Perkins – Put Your Cat Clothes On
  23. Virgil Holmes – Ghost Train
  24. Elroy Dietzel And The Rhythm Bandits – Rock ‘n’ Bones
  25. Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Skully Gully

There are also some very SCARY activities you still have time to enjoy *(if you live in the greater Los Angeles area but I am sure there are similar happenings wherever you are)

My favorite on the list is the Anaheim Halloween Parade!

This is like one amazing art piece and the parade has been going strong since 1924. This takes place on Saturday Oct 25th. This is a DO NOT MISS plus I will be there and you can come eat snacks with me!

There is also RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns – this is at Descanso Gardens here in LA – and also in New York! Oooh Fancy!

Bittersweet Susie | Halloween Playlist 2014

RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns – RAWWRRRRRR

Descanso Gardens is magical on an ordinary day but it’s really amazing during this event. I totally am going to steal some of those ideas for our Halloween display.

Bittersweet Susie | Halloween Playlist 2014

RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns – This reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
is a classic October event. I am a super scary cat and I went to this!

I did have a gaggle of the raddest people to hold my hand and I took FULL advantage of that!


My Friend Technicolor Cutie and I are coming up with a helpful list for the hay riders next year:

They include boots and a flask!!

SINCE it is a FUCK YEA friday post we NEED some creepy vids to get you through this friday and on into your weekend.

Have a happy Halloween my friends! You should totally trick or treat at my parents house this year. They pass out the GOOD candy!

Bittersweet Susie | Halloween Playlist 2014





• What are your favorite Halloween activities?

• Do you have your costume nailed down yet?

• Would you hold my hand on a haunted hayride?

Vincent Price COOKALONG

Why hello my dears. Halloween is OVER! I was such a spoiled sport about it this year. Usually it is my FAVORITE. I think I have now decided no pants SUMMERS are my favorite, and anything coconut flavored. Spoiled sport or NOT the Halloween fun just doesn’t fucking stop here at the Bittersweet Susie Headquarters. No it does NOT.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Jenny – over at Silver Screen Suppers & Vincentennial Cookblog decided to included a few of us blogger frands on this wonderful Halloween adventure of testing out some of Mr. Price’s INFAMOUS RECIPES. (duh duh duh – lightning crash and scary crash effects now) She assigned us each a recipe and we has a due date to get this little project done. Let me repeat that last bit SHE ASSIGNED US THE RECIPE. The woman gave me CAROLINA DEVILED CLAMS. %$&#*#(*Q@)_)#. Ewwwwww. What the crap IS that anyways?

When I test these vintage recipes I need someone else to try them for me. One so I can photograph then and TWO because I like to maybe slightly torture my loved ones but this shit is going to end badly and all these people are never speak to me again I KNOW IT.


Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Start with the BUTTER – ‘cuz DUHHHHHHH

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Oh MAH GAHHHWWDDDDD – So it said 2 dozen medium clams. Kids – I live in the valley, not too near any oceans (405 traffic is BAD MAN) where the crap am I going to get CLAMS. Canned it is!

I just scooped some of this out. I closed my eyes.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Those crumbs are Ritz Crackers – Nothing but the best!

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

The recipe says Tabasco – they spelled Crystal wrong.

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

My dear friend Molly had her annual Pumpkin Party! And my Bad Ass Knit Club was there. They were all champs and agreed to take one for the team for the love of Retro Recipes, Vincent Price, Halloween, and the USA.

There were also some Knit club parents in attendance – I have put their reactions on their photos:

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie
(click to jump to the Flickr page – it’s worth the big file) Katie says: It’s not for me – No offense.

On to the Parents – who honestly, are way cooler than us anyways:

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

(and look at this outfit – VINTAGE, Leather, I am stealing it – MEOOOWWW)

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

Loved – Took the rest home (first retro recipe attempt I DIDN’T THROW AWAY)

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

So this was definitely a GENERATIONAL thing. The parents were like yea this tastes fine. There were a couple that really enjoyed it. While us “kids” (and yes we are in our 30s and we are STILL GOING TO SIT AT THE DAMN KIDS TABLE) were a bit more fearful of the very exotic casserole like dish.

Crackers INDEED.

And to be very fair – the food at this pumpkin party was OVER THE TOP and DIVINE. Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown butter, A pumpkin cocktail that would fuck Dumbledore up, Caramel Apples, and homemade pupusas. The poor canned clams didn’t stand a chance.

And maybe if you are nice Molly will invite you next year. But probably not.

I cannot wait to see what my fellow adventures in Vintage cuisine have come up with. DO NOT MISS macabre culinary adventures:

Make sure you check in with Jenny – She is the Keymaster (or the Gate keeper – which one was Sigourney Weaver?) Over at:

Silver Screen Suppers & Vincentennial Cookblog

Jenny of Silver Screen Suppers – Oxtail Creole

Michael of Michael MacMahon – Chicken in Vermouth
Saucy Cherie – Liver Risotto
A couple of extras…
Cathy of Battenburg Belle also made the Pumpkin Pie
Ruth of Mid Century Menu also made version 2 of Vincent’s Bloody Mary and his Pumpkin Pie

Vincent Price HALLOWEEN Cookalong | Bittersweet Susie

The Vincent Price PUMPKIN PIE was also Made  – but this post was going to be 8 miles long if I included it – so you will have to come back tomorrow, but would that be so bad?

You know you like me. Stop resisting.


• Will you make this dish?

• Who had the best reaction?

• What is your favorite Vincent Price ANYTHING?

Swingin’ at the Séance

Hello There!

What day is it? I keep losing track! Where are we? Who is THAT guy? GEEZE.

Oh October – I don’t even know what to DO with you right now. I have much to tell you ALL. I went to New Orleans. It was AMAZING. There are so many PIRATEY things there. I had no idea. I also ATE ALL THE THINGS. Well, as many things until I got full. I still have a list of ALL THE THINGS for the next visit. I also shot so much film! FILM! SHOOT FILM! But I have not received the film back from the lab so you have a whole analog film New Orleans EXTRAVAGANZA post to look forward to. You are so WELCOME.

So, Halloween. Is creeping on me like I DON’T KNOW WHAT. Multiple parties every weekend. I love it so but adult costuming exhausts me. There are all the ho bag items. I am in my 30s and that is just not (nor was it ever) a cute look for me. And then anything that is vintage clothing related feels sort of cheating cause those are more regular clothes for me. Maybe I am burnt out because every day is a little dressy. I should wear sweats on Halloween. Or Jeans. I would have to buy some jeans first. Where does one get jeans that do not suck. Friends of the internet – tell me your SECRETS and sources.

I meant to do this post at the end of LAST month and OOPS halfway gone already. We still have some season left though.

So guess what – I MADE YOU A PLAYLIST. Your favorite. I KNOW.

I tried to steer clear of the big hits – hopefully you will hear some Halloween tunes that are new to you. Be a Bittersweet Susie at your next gathering and take over that stereo and PUT THIS ON. Unless I am there. If I am there I am ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF THE TUNES. Trust me dears. It is for the best.

Isn’t this photo a crack up? That witch! ‘Sup Girl!

Bittersweet Susie - Halloween Playlist

Click on photo to see a great collection of vintage halloween shots!

1.)    Al Reed – Hoodoo

2.)    The Deep River Boys – Swingin’ At the Seance

3.)    The Five Jones Boys – Mr Ghost Goes to Town

4.)    The Cadillacs – The Boogie Man

5.)    Prairie Ramblers – Ghost in The Graveyard

6.)    Johnny Otis – Castin’ My Spell

7.)    Buck Owen – (It’s A) Monster’s Party

8.)    Wingy Mannone & His Orchestra – Ol Man Mose

9.)    Putney Dandridge – The Skeleton in the Closet

10.) Morgus & The Three Ghouls – Morgus the Magnificent

11.) Buster Doss – Graveyard Boogie

12.) Kay Starr – The Headless Horseman

13.) Larry Clinton Orchestra – The Devil with The Devil

14.) Tony’s Monstrosities – Igor’s Party

15.) Louis Armstrong – Skeleton in the Closet

16.) Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch

17.) The Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den

18.) The Coasters – The Shadow Knows

19.) Elroy Dietzel – Rock N Bones

So I think I have 4 or so more parties to go to this season – I have NO IDEA what to be. GrrrI always have my BRILLIANT costume ideas in the summer and draw a blank during the Halloween crunch time.


• Do you like adults dressing for Halloween?

• Are you dressing up? As What?

• What should I be?

• What are your favorite Halloween songs to add to the playlist?

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About You – Vol 7

Hello Everyone? Are you having a good week? I could sure use a cookie or something.

I hope this round of You’re So Vain is just as sweet – or at the very least mildly entertaining. I will even settle for the fact that a couple of you read it at all. My expectations are low. It’s a tip for life: Keep expectations low – then you are always pleasantly surprised!

Bittersweet Susie | Claudine Clark

Our little ditty comes from Claudine Clark

“Party Lights” 1962

Lady Mama dear, a tell me, do you hear

Their partying tonight?

I tell you, I can’t sleep

Because across the street

oh oh oh oh I see the party lights.


I see the lights, I see the party lights

They’re red and blue and green.

Oh everybody in the crowd is there

But you won’t let me make the scene.

Oh, Mama dear, a looka here look here,

There goes Mary Lou.

I see Tommy and Joe oh oh and Betty and Sue

Oh oh oh oh – there goes my boyfriend, too.

I see the lights I see the lights…

So let me get this straight, either Claudine was grounded OR her mom is terrible strict! Which do you think? Bad girl, terrible mother??

Betty and Sue are there – ‘Cause DUH – and her boyfriend went without her – SOME BOYFRIEND – I heard girls named Betty are totally skanks so watch out for that one Claudine.

Claudine may be considered a one hit wonder – but WHAT A HIT. She also performed and continued to compose under an alias of Joy Dawn – Was this inspired from two of her favorite dishwash liquids? I DON’T KNOW.

Everything I have read says her follow up “Walking Through a Cemetery” was a commercial failure. This song is beyond! We have a million craptacular Christmas songs and so very few Halloween ones – let alone one you can DANCE too…

I am totally making you guys a Halloween mix this year! Pumpkin PARTY

I did listen to the few songs of hers I could find and it is some GOOD SHIT people. One hit WONDER my foot. I think we should get the word out about her kick-assness (totally a word) Make her known again. Go buy her record. Scrounge those dollar bins and 45s! Put her up on your FB page cause your friends totally need to know you have underground taste and knew about her before she was cool. Tweet her face off. Do it already.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger.

Leave me your best stories of some time your mom or dad made you miss the party of the year? I am sure you were totally innocent. I believe you.