2016 Thanksgiving Playlist – Thankful ISHHHHHH

Hi friends!  Hows the cooking going?!? I am onto the 4th pie I have made this week! WOOOO the Holidays!

This is what I look like

I know it is the super busy this time of year, and 2016 has been HARD. Too damn hard. It’s hard for me to try to be funny on here or have anything cute and kitsch to post. I need to remember to be thankful and content in what is good. There have of course been wonderful things that have happened (cute babies being born to lovely friends) and lots of dogs and cats to pet and take care of! There has been some good tv – REALLY good tv – and good books to read. There has not been a shortage on BOOZE – so YAY for that. And there is always chocolate to eat. See, good good things.

Even though it is a holiday I have given myself homework and I am assigning it to you to. Break out those post-it notes you have in your junk drawer and WRITE DOWN the things you are thankful for right now. Go ahead and do it…I’ll wait.

Now post one in the kitchen where you are cooking today, or on top of the tv, or the computer. Put one in your medicine cabinet. And all day (even if you aren’t having the greatest of holidays or your fam is mean or annoying or someone made REALLY dry turkey) look at your post-its and remind yourself that “Yea! I AM THANKFUL FOR VODKA!”

You don’t have to be PC, be selfish and silly. I am thankful for comfy cotton unds that don’t ride up. I am thankful for Gilmore girls having new episodes. I am thankful for group text messaging.

Here is mine:

bittersweet Susie | Thankful

Obviously there are a number of things that you could write down, we all have some pretty great things going on in our lives despite the bad but I just want you to write down three. Do it for me, ok?

I promised the 2016 Thanksgiving playlist yesterday and HERE IT IS!

Crank it up! It is totally fine for
mixed company! I promise Grandpa will enjoy this playlist!

And I have made a master playlist of all previous Thanksgiving so you can stream it for your party and not be bothered with that terrible dinner music mom likes to sneak on sometimes! (sorry mom you know I love Rod Stewart too)

I will be adding music all day !

And if you are feeling fancy check out some posts from previous Thanksgivings! I think there is a recipe for PIE in there if you are scrambling and don’t know how the internet works!

Have a great holiday friends!


Gobble Gobble

I totally cancelled Thanksgiving this year. Skipping it. I had this romantic ideal of getting in the car and going on a spontaneous road trip, eating Thanksgiving at a truck stop but then I remembered that I REALLY like stuffing. And Pie. And Gravy. DAMMNIT – Thanksgiving is back on!

Plus dear friends, I promised you the annual Thanksgiving playlist, and I hate to go back on a promise.

Why wait any longer – here is the Bittersweet Susie 2015 Playlist!

And for those of you cooking all day – here is a compilation of THREE YEARS of Thanksgiving playlist tunes. You know who loves you, right??

Thanksgiving Cooking Marathon

If you subscribe to my spotify channel you get get access to these playlists BEFORE they get posted to the blog. VIP ALL THE WAY.

I also have a Vintage Recipe test for you all – it’s a good one! And not in a SO BAD IT’S GOOD – but a “this is tasty and easy and thank you recipe writer from 1962.”

My mother has one of those little brand advertising recipe pamphlets from the early 60’s that she has had as long as I can remember. She hides it so none of us kids can “borrow” it. There are some recipes in there that we will accept NO SUBSTITUTE – they are the base for a lot of family celebrations and fond childhood memories.

I think a lot of these little pamphlets were considered freebees and throwaways but a lot of great recipes and artwork are in these little suckers. I have quite a collection going for me. But this ONE Eagle Brand my mom has is no where to be found. The hunt shall continue.

I needed to make a Pumpkin Pie for our office potluck. I picked out some fancy pants epicurious recipe – which I am sure would have been FAB but also contained 87 ingredients and an equal number of steps. My mom, being the smartest lady on the planet said “Fuck That!” and gave me a photo copy of a Pumpkin Pie recipe from her magical Eagle Brand book. Moms are the BEST, wouldn’t you agree?

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Magic Pumpkin Pie

(Makes one 9-inch pie)

  • 1 unbaked 9 inch pastry shell
  • 2 cups canned pumpkin
  • 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

In a large-sized bowl, blend together all ingredients. Turn into shell. Bake in moderate (375 degrees) over 50-55 minutes or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool. Refrigerate at least 1 hour.


Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

The main ingredients are canned pumpkin and a whole can of sweetened condenced milk. I am already slightly concerned BUT my coworkers are good sports (they have tested a vintage recipe for me before) so I continue on.

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Looking a little better. I didn’t have all those spices separately so I just dumped a heap of pumpkin pie spice in there. Clearly this is an exact science.

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

That’s more like it…

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

A word about crust. I hate it. I find traditional pie crust to be a complete waste of butter and I am not interested in rolling anything out with a rolling pin. Fuck. That. I cheated and bought a frozen crust.


Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Bittersweet Susie - Thanksgiving 2015

Looks good to me!

Bittersweet Susie Thanksgiving 2015

Pie cooling on this awesome window ledge that I am convinced was designed SPECIFICALLY for this task. And on to the test:

My coworkers are brave souls- really! And totally game with the vintage recipe tests. I ask my subjects to be brutally honest. Some have no problem while others don’t like hurting my feelings. DO IT FOR SCIENCE PEOPLE.

Ashley: “I really like it.” REALLY? “Yea, it’s really good. I wouldn’t change a thing”

Karli: Reminds me of sweet ground – the depth of the flavors.

Ali : *having it with Reddi Whip* “hmmmmm a lot of spice, which I really like – but not overwhelming. It’s kinda fluffy. It’s good, it’s one of the most flavorful pumpkin pies I have ever had.”

Danielle: “It’s really good – and tell them I’m fat so I should know!”

Gretchen: “This is really good. I am normally not a huge fn of pumpkin pie but I would eat this for sure!”

Lori: (surprised) “It’s good! It’s really good! It tastes as good as a store bought pie but it isn’t as dry. It tastes whipped!”

Holly: “It’s deliciouso!”

Kevin: “It was good but I am not the best person to ask – I use it primarily as a whip cream delivery system.”

I tried it too folks, I was skeptical and I am PICKY about desserts, and it WAS GOOD. It took 5 mins to whip up and then bake. hands down the easiest dessert I have ever made. I hope this helps you if you need a last minute dessert to take to your Aunt Martha’s house. I promise not to tell her you didn’t make the crust.


If you would like to see past Thanksgiving posts check out 2013 and 2014 here. Please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post (when I remember to post)


I am certainly thankful for you readers and friends! Have a great weekend.


You still have homework though:

• What is your parent’s or grandparent’s go to cookbook?

• Do you have a dish that is your favorite family tradition for Thanksgiving?

• What are your kitchen tricks you don’t tell anyone about?


Turkey Day – Thanksgiving 2014 Playlist

I bet you all thought I forgot about that Thanksgiving playlist! Well, I did. I made one and played it at a friend’s harvest party but forgot to share it with all my internet frands.

Bittersweet Susie - Thanksgiving Playlist 2014

I also forgot to invite you to my friend’s harvest party.

YAY that song gets me pumped (that is until the closing credits song starts – you know which one I am talking about)

But HERE IT IS. The theme this year is FOOD. Just ALL THE FOOD I am gonna shove in my face tomorrow. While Turkey is the tradition for most family meals I am sure there are some awesome traditions out there that buck the norm and said “FUCK YOU – WE’RE HAVING CHILI!”

Turkey Day 2014

  1. Ambrose – Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie
  2. Amos Milburn – Chicken-Shack Boogie
  3. The Andrews Sisters – One Meat Ball
  4. Bessie Smith – Kitchen Man
  5. Blind Boy Fuller – Sweet Honey Hole
  6. Bob Hope – Home Cookin’
  7. Carl Perkins – Dixie Fried
  8. The Charts – For the Birds
  9. Daniel Brown – Candied Yams
  10. Earthworms – Mo’ Taters
  11. Elsie Carlisle – Please Leave My Butter Alone
  12. The Fabulous Tempoes – Nut Sundae
  13. Felix & His Guitar – Chili Beans
  14. Glenn Miller – Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee
  15. Harry Roy And His Band – When Can I Have a Banana Again?
  16. Jr. Walker & The All Stars – Home Cookin’
  17. Lonnie Johnson – Jelly Roll Baker
  18. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven – Potato Head Blues
  19. Merrill E. Moore – Buttermilk Baby
  20. The Mills Brothers – Autumn Leaves
  21. Peg Leg Howell – Broke and Hungry Blues
  22. Roosevelt Sykes – Bread Pan
  23. The Sandabs – Crab Louie

For those who prefer a Friendsgiving over the family meal – to avoid listening to your Aunt ask you for the millionth time why aren’t you married  this clip is for you!

Don’t forget to have a listen to last year’s playlists. Loop them together and have a marathon of awesomeness. That’s what I do when I am not listening to Neil Diamond on repeat.

Bittersweet Susie - Thanksgiving Playlist 2014

Cheers to those celebrations – and can I be invited next year?


• What are your Thanksgiving Traditions?

• What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?

• Can I come to your place next year?

Pass the GRAVY – A Three Part Thanksgiving Playlist EXTRAVAGANZA

Thanksgiving Playlists | Bittersweet Susie

Hello! Hi! Greetings!

I took a mini break from you all, my pretty friends. Not on PURPOSE, of course. See, I get these bastard MIGRAINES and have had two multi-day day ones almost BACK TO BACK and they have knocked me down and made me pretty much a worthless shell of my former self. Any tips or home remedies out there? I will try ALMOST anything.

So now we find ourselves smack fucking in the middle of the holiday season. What the hell? And it was all lovely and warm here in Los Angeles and then it got “Cold” (it IS cold for me so put a sock in it) and I had to bust out the THICK sweat pants and the fancy Snuggie. Oh, and may stretchy pants. I have consumed more cheese lately than I care to admit, except I just did.

When it comes to the whole fall/winter holiday round of holiday madness I am pretty indifferent. Borderline BLEH. I could skip it and frolic my midget butt right back into summer FOREVER. I don’t get the hype. People live for this shit. Traditions are lost on me. In my family my little sister is the one who was REALLY into that sort of thing but she now lives as far away as she possibly can – its summer for her right now (UNFAIR I SAY!) and we as a family are forced to carry on the torch without her.

For Thanksgiving we have had a few rounds of trying some different “traditions” on to see how they go. Themed food from around the world was one. A few years we tried Fancy pants restaurants around Los Angeles with various courses and food I cannot pronounce – I think my little sister’s least favorite mostly because of the absence of canned cranberry sauce. My mom would make the old school favorite dishes a week later. Us lucky kids would get two Thanksgiving dinners. Canned cranberry sauce is always represented. I am partial to my mom’s stuffing (and only hers – it is NOT stovetop, ahem).

My mom is making the Thanksgiving round 2 for us this year, my dad and I are SO SPOILED.

And here we are – another Thanksgiving – all up in our business and I am SURE a lot of us are not ready. I am here for you Friends! I really am! I have made 3, count them 3! Playlists to ease your pain, to get you through the entire process, to ease you through prep, to play through dinner (if your guests are COOL ENOUGH) and one to play after they GET THE FUCK OUT. I know you need this.

I love you. A lot.

Thanksgiving Playlists | Bittersweet Susie

Playlist 1 – Pre Party – “The Paper Bag Trick”

I am sure you all have been there – you ran out of time right? The house still has your mini piles of crap everywhere! Your guests are going to be here in an hour! You look like shit! (real talk) This is the playlist for you! Put this on, dance around – grab some paper bag and dump all the crap in the garage, in the kids room, under your bed, in the back bathroom you are NOT GOING TO CLEAN

(but you are going to poo in later) You can DO IT!

The Paperbag Trick

  1. Louis Jordan – Beans and Cornbrean
  2. Larry Groce – Junk Food Junkie
  3. Dee Dee Sharp – Do the Bird
  4. Rosemary Clooney – Come On-A My House
  5. Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five – Nobody Here but us Chickens
  6. Booker T. & The MG’s – Green Onions
  7. A Tribe Called Quest – Ham n’ Eggs
  8. Jo Stafford – Sweet Potato Piper
  9. Chuy Reyes – Oink Oink Mambo
  10. Otis Redding – Let Me Come On Home
  11. Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home
  12. Peppermint Harris – I Got Loaded
  13. Mel Torme – Comin’ Home Baby
  14. George Formby – When I’m Cleaning Windows

Playlist 2 – for the Guests – who hopefully don’t suck

Super – Everyone is here. Aunt Mildred brought Jello! Which kinda rules even though no one is going to eat it! Here is a playlist for the meal. It is fun and lighthearted and will hopefully spark some conversation when your grandma asks why you aren’t married yet, or when is the last time you went to MASS…errr

Kid's Table - 1953

Kids table for LIFE

I hope your Guests don’t suck

  1. Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’
  2. Dee Dee Sharp – Mashed Potato Time
  3. Jim Jackson – I Heard The Voice of A Pork Chop
  4. The California Honeydrops – Pumpkin Pie
  5. Yellow Ostrich – Bread
  6. The Robins – Turkey Hop
  7. Ike & Tina Turner – Shake a Tail Feather
  8. Ray Anthony – Asta Nice’a
  9. Sam & Dave – I Thank You
  10. Louis Prima – Yes, We Have No Bananas
  11. Jay & The Techniques – Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
  12. Steve Goodman – Chicken Cordon Bleus
  13. Bessie Smith – Kitchen Man
  14. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three – Sweet Potato Blues
  15. Little Eva – Let’s Turkey Trot
  16. Devandra Banhart – Pumpkin Seeds
  17. The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
  18. Dr. Humphrey & His Possum Hunters – How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?
  19. The Kinks – Hot Potatos
  20. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
  21. Edith Piaf – Autumn Leaves
  22. Missisippi John Hurt – Shortnin’ Bread
  23. Rosemary Clooney – Love and Nuts and Noodles
  24. Charlie Adams – Sugar Diet
  25. Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You

Playlist 3 – Get out, Go Home, it is OVER

And now friends it is time for everyone to GET THE FUCK OUT. Hopefully they helped with the dishes but if they didn’t throw this playlist on and get going, or pour something stiff and leave it until tomorrow. You are a goddamn GROWNUP and can do what you WANT.


  1. The 5, 6, 7, 8s – Hey! Mashed Potato, Hey!
  2. Gravy Train!!!! – A Delicious Treat
  3. Drive-By-Truckers – The Thanksgiving Filter
  4. David Byrne & St. Vincent – Dinner for Two
  5. The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out
  6. The Swallows – It Ain’t the Meat
  7. Bikini Kill – Go Home
  8. Karen O and the Kids – Food is Still Hot
  9. Chubby Checker & BB King – Mashed Potato Twist
  10. Ohio Players – Jive Turkey
  11. The Living End – Turkey Stomp
  12. Paul McCartney – Get Me Out Of Here
  13. Eddie Money – Take Me Home Tonight
  14. Belle & Sebastian – Meat and Potatoes
  15. The Animals – We Gotta Get Out of This Place
  16. Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound
  17. The Lumineers – Big Parade
  18. Bastille – Get Home
  19. The Smiths – Back To The Old House
  20. Camera Obscura – Let Me Go Home
  21. Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
  22. Christine Kittrell – Sittin’ Here Drinkin’
  23. Al Caiola – Ciao
  24. The Rosebuds – The Make Out Song
  25. Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is

I hope these playlist get you through the holiday and food comas to come. Cheers to stretchy pants and kitchen dance parties.


Party at 611 Tenth, 1955 - Slide #4

Go to bed kid – I need a drink.


• Home remedies for Migraines  – SEND THEM TO ME PLEASE

• Do you have Thanksgiving ? Do you Hate it?

• Favorite Thanksgiving Dish ? Can I have the recipe? 

• Do you actually listen to these playlists?