2016 Halloween Playlist!

Bittersweet SusieHi Friends.

I almost forgot to post this years playlist. I didn’t TOTALLY forget, that is a bit of a stretch. I remembered but I just was not into it. I firmly believe that we should have certain big holidays every other year – that way it is like – Yay Halloween I missed your guts SO much – instead of – OH CRAP HALLOWEEN IS NEXT MONDAY!?!?!

I am usually super pumped for Halloween – I do a bunch of posts and take photos of my spooky adventures. I just didn’t this year. I am sorry. I DID decorate the house a little and the roommies humored me with that. “Festive!” “Cute!” “Oh you decorate for EVERY HOLIDAY?” Thanks gang – I appreciate the understanding and support.

I managed go to two of the major theme parks Haunt events – Universal Studios & Knott’s Berry Farms. I had NEVER been to the Universal one before and had not been to Knott’s since *cough* 1998 *cough*.

I was TERRIFIED of these types of things – but this year I was fine. I am either way more brave or so old and bitter I no longer care to be scared. Either way – they are both fun! I felt like I was everyone’s MOM at Universal. So, there was that. And the lines were ridic. What the crap is the purge and why is it EVERYWHERE. If I had to pick one to return to it would HANDS DOWN be Knotts. I love that little park. And the Ghost Town all filled with fog and decorations is pretty much the closest thing you will get to living in a spooky Halloween special of our childhood AND it has Elvira – plus it is half the price – is there even a contest here? We know who the clear winner is.

Bittersweet Susie

I am also most likely NOT going to dress up for Halloween this year. I was never even temped with that idea. Adult Halloween is sometimes just NOT my jam. I do like carving pumpkins! And the smell of a FULL bucket of Halloween candy. It is the best.

As a peace-offering for being the worst blogger ever for the five friends and family members who read this (Hi mom! LOVE YOU) I have two treats for you today!

The 2016 Playlist! AND some crafty fun freebies! Wooooo! Party!

It is time to get crafty because I made you a “Tomb Sweet Tomb” Cross Stitch – AND of you run out of time (like I do every damn year) you can also just download a free printable fakeout – See fellow procrastinators – I GOT YOUR BACK!

Download Tomb Sweet Tomb Freebies HERE!

Bittersweet Susie | Tomb Sweet Tomb


And the most important tradition here at Bittersweet Susie – The 2016 Halloween Playlist!

2016 Halloween Playlist



Don’t forget to check out the posts of HALLOWEEN’S PAST – in case you missed them or you are old like me and FORGOT!

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• What was your favorite Halloween Candy as a kid?

• What was your LEAST favorite?

• Are you dressing up this year??


Aloha ‘Oe

Hello everybody!

I had not realized how long it has been since my last post. I have so much to tell you, maybe.

I have been on some adventures since we last spoke. I hope I can remember all the details in my advancing age long enough to tell you the details. I cannot make you any promises.

I got to go to Maui with my folks in March. It was swell and I miss it so.

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Thoughts on my vacation:

It mostly rained.

I read 3 books.

Maui smells better than any other place on earth.

I love all things coconut. Mumus are the greatest fashion invention EVER.

I wish I was going back tomorrow.

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui
Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Double Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pancakes – I ATE IT ALL

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Vintage Surfer Chicks

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Stormy Weather

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

We found the ONLY yarn on the island – Maui yarns.

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui

I made you a mix – maybe we can listen to it together and wish ourselves there.


  1. Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys – Beneath Hawaiian Palms
  2. Felix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders – My Little Grass Shack
  3. Tau Moe – Hilo Hattie
  4. Andy Cummings – Get Hep To Swing
  5. Andy Iona & His Islanders – Maui Girl
  6. Bing Crosby – A Palace in Paradise
  7. Dick McIntire & His Harmony Hawaiians – Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu_Wai
  8. Buddy Fo And The Invitations – Malia My Tita
  9. Felix Mendelssohn And His Hawaiian Serenaders – I Got Rhythm
  10. Elvis Presley – Blue Hawaii
  11. Hoot Gibson – Mai Givee (Don’t Give It Away)
  12. Jimmie Rodgers – Everybody Does It in Hawaii
  13. The Kahalas – Hawaiian Twist
  14. Alfred Apaka – Princess Poo-Poo-ly Has Plenty Papaya
  15. Kilima Hawaiians – Hula Rhythme
  16. Mel Peterson – E Naughty Naughty Mai Nei
  17. Lena Machado – Ho’onanea – 1935
  18. Bernie Kaai And His Hawaiians – Steel Guitar Boogie
  19. Louis Armstrong – To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
  20. Linda Dela Cruz – Ke ‘Ala Ka’u I Honi
  21. Georgia Jumpers – Ukulele Benny
  22. Hilo Hattie – When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop
  23. Mel Peterson – You’re At a Luau Now
  24. Randy Oness’ Select Hawaiian Serenaders – My Honolulu Tomboy
  25. Roy Smeck – Bugle Call Rag
  26. Louis Armstrong – On a Cononut Island
  27. The Surfers – Mauna Wili Hula
  28. Arthur Lyman – Hiilawe
  29. Elvis Presley – Hawaiian Sunset
  30. The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders – I’ll Weave a Lei of Stars for You


Bittersweet Susie | Goes to Maui


• Favorite tropical tune?

• Favorite coconut product or recipe?

• Go to Maui with me – How does next week work for you?